Emergency Manager Essay

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Emergency Manager

As an emergency manager, I want to be able to help people in a crisis. The need to know what resources are available to them, to help them to first achieve stability in their lives and second to help them rebuild their lives. This help can come in the form of aid supplies, religious guidance and financial support. This paper will focus on the latter, financial support.

There are two types of financial aid available, differentiated by the source. Some charitable organizations provide relief for disaster victims. Agencies such as the Salvation Army, the Red Cross and a number of church organizations often provide aid to disaster victims. The type of aid is often unknown prior to the disaster, and if there is cash involved, the amount is usually unknown. One local agency that works with disaster victims here in Louisiana is the Louisiana Disaster Recovery Foundation. The LDRF is unlikely to provide direct funding for disaster victims, but acts as an advocacy group and helps to bring together those agencies and private individuals and businesses who are able to help with those who need the help the most. The agency also may be able to provide support to small business owners in order to help community members restore their financial self-sufficiency (LouisianaHelp.org, 2010).

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FEMA is the primary federal government agency responsible for disaster relief. FEMA's program is known as the Individuals and Households Program. Copies of the program are available online in a couple dozen languages. The program is limited in its scope -- it cannot repair or replace all damages from disasters. The assistance provided under the program falls into a number of different categories -- temporary housing, repair, replacement, permanent/semi-permanent housing, and other needs. Money is available through an application to the program to meet all of these needs.

Essay on Emergency Manager as an Emergency Manager, I Assignment

The application process can be conducted online or over the phone. An inspector will visit you or your property and assess your needs. The IHP will then use the inspector's report to inform you of whether or not you are eligible for assistance.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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