Emergency Operations Plan Outline Authority Term Paper

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basic resource allocation prioritization schedule

Guidance For All Emergency Responders & Coordinators

i. prioritization codes and schedules

ii. coordinator hierarchies

Plan Development And Maintenance

i. biannual reviews of/updates to EOP

ii. intensive performance reviews/debriefings following events

Functional Appendices


Communications & Warning

i. overview of communications system

ii. public warning procedures and restraints


Emergency Public Information

i. importance of open and early communication

ii. need to refrain from creating panic; danger of misinformation



i. emergency evacuation routes and external meeting places

ii. reciprocal agreements with nearby communities


Fire & Rescue

i. list of departments, locations, and specific regions of responsibility

ii. coordination of all rescue operations via centralized authority


Health & Medical

i. list of medical facilities with capabilities

ii. prioritized plan of patient dispersal


Law Enforcement

i. list of precincts and specific areas of responsibility

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ii. prioritized secured area directives


Reception & Mass Care

i. list of facilities for improvised care settings

ii. individualized plans for facility adjustment


Public Works

i. shut-off and rerouting procedures outlined

ii. emergency assessment procedures and prioritization

Transportation & Resources

Term Paper on Emergency Operations Plan Outline Authority Assignment

i. plan for cessation of public transportation during/following event

ii. reorganization/prioritization plan for transportation redeployment
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