Emergency Plan: For Communities Essay

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During a large-scale crisis, establishing an effective dispatch service ensures that the community or agency is prepared in the face of disasters ("Emergency Dispatch Service," n.d.).

An effective emergency dispatch service is important in the successful management of an emergency since it enables the first-responders to handle situations correctly depending on the particular specifications. Dispatch service is also important to the successful management of emergencies especially large-scale ones since it provides guidelines that are essential to the handling of that particular situation. As a result, the emergency service workers are able to dispatch the appropriate kind and number of units as reactions to the calls for assistance.

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The field of emergency management and disaster planning has been largely impacted by terrorism especially the threat of weapons of mass destruction resulting in the emergence of biological procedures to deal with such emergencies. First responders in many places are being trained and equipped to respond to various terrorist weapons and particularly on how to deal with incidents involving hazardous materials. Actually, terrorism has developed into a major issue for emergency management and law enforcement due to various terrorist attacks since the 1990s ("Terrorism," n.d.). Various emergency preparedness firms are now providing training to first responders on chemical and biological due to the increase in terrorism activities and the threat of weapons of mass destruction. The threat of terrorism either on a small or large scale shouldn't be the primary concern for an emergency managers over other types of disasters since these other types of disasters occur more often than terror attacks. This is regardless of the type of community the emergency manager operates because of the fact that all areas are susceptible to disasters more than they are to terror attacks.


Essay on Emergency Plan: For Communities and Assignment

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