Emergency, Planning and Operations Methodology Term Paper

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The flip side however, is that given the scope of the potential incidents we as a nation are faced with, the isolated department may be happy to pass responsibility on to a state and FEMA (federal emergency management agency). The Homeland Security Team is much more likely to be better prepared to handle a wide scale threat to security.

Do you believe that the Federal government has to do more to simplify and limit liability for state and local governments and industry for certain disasters? Briefly discuss this issue.

Not necessarily, the federal government needn't do anything more to limit liability for local governments. However again, one must consider each disaster on a case by case basis. One thing came out of Bhopal incident, where the release of methyl isocyanate wreaked havoc on the health and lives of so many people in India. In this case someone had a facility that experienced a failure of one of their storage tanks which sent a cloud of cyanide gas that killed many people. The company was found liable and one of the things that intense government regulation and the threat of fines results in under these circumstances is keeping the private industry in compliance with hazmat protocols.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Term Paper on Emergency, Planning and Operations Methodology Assignment

This company chose to store hazardous chemicals in a poor manner. The government needs to increase the liability for private companies such as this, but that doesn't mean that liability can't be assigned to local agencies as well. In some situations the federal government should limit the liability for state and local governments because liability should be assigned under certain circumstances primarily to whoever manages the hazard. In the Bhopal incident the private organization involved was responsible for managing the hazard and thus was prosecuted. In general however, a state should be responsible for state violations, and federal agencies should be responsible for federal violations. Federal agencies shouldn't necessarily interfere with state; however liability should ultimately be examined on a case by case basis. Take for example, the disaster of 9/11. In this case the cost of managing the disaster shouldn't fall on state of New York, whose liability should be limited because the disaster was more of an international act of warfare; therefore the federal government should have to deal with this. In State of Colorado, parties responsible for hazmat release are typically billed. Each situation is unique and must be explored and handled appropriately in such situations.

4) What is your opinion for including industry in the strategic planning process for emergency and disaster planning?

Including industry in the strategic planning process for emergency and disaster planning is a very good and positive step in the right direction. Ultimately private industries are incredibly knowledgeable about the unique aspects of many potential disaster recovery mechanisms. For example, a fire department may not have much knowledge regarding managing pesticides should a disaster occur involving such chemicals, but pesticide companies do. Rocky Flats in Colorado knows about radioactivity. Thus in a situation where radioactivity came into play, it would benefit local and state emergency and disaster planning officials to have a strategic process that involves communicating the this particular local industry.

Any agency that is a subject matter expert with respect to local and state hazards should be a part of emergency disaster planning. Federal agencies can't realistically foresee what will happen in an emergency; therefore they should plan for all types of disasters and involve agencies that may be helpful. Strategic planning should involve frequent communication and identification of industry so that the appropriate industry representative can be called on in times of emergency. A local paramedic or emergency department may ponder for example, what happens if we have a liquid oxygen spill? What happens if we attempt to clean up the situation using XYZ chemicals? All companies have different specialties and it would benefit emergency response teams to rely on industry for their expertise in these situations.


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