Emergency Preparedness Planning: Denver Essay

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The formation of an incident management team seems to represent an effort by the Denver government to go the extra mile to ensure the safety of its citizens, since this type of planning is not highlighted in national guidelines (FEMA, 2010).

The hazard/situational annex of Denver's EOMHS is the Emergency Operations Center (EOM) (EOMHS, 2010). The primary responsibility of the EOM is to monitor the city for signs of an emergency requiring a response beyond the routine scope of first responders, orchestrate the response of multiple emergency support annexes, and manage information sharing and the mitigation efforts. This level of monitoring requires the staffing of a 24/7 duty officer position. While this level of commitment is not mentioned in the CPG 101, the establishment of Denver's OEM meets the EOP requirements for a hazard/situational annex (FEMA, 2010).

The EOMHS (2010) has a Logistics Section that is responsible for managing assets (equipment) predicted to be needed for an emergency response. The Logistics Section maintains an asset inventory representing a $700 million investment by the City of Denver into emergency preparedness. The Logistics Section is also responsible for procuring additional preparedness assets as needs dictate, in addition to establishing procurement relationships with corporations and state and federal governments that may need to be mobilized during times of emergency. The procurement and planning of assets deemed necessary for an emergency response is a critical component of EOPs according to national guidelines (FEMA, 2010).Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Essay on Emergency Preparedness Planning: Denver, Colorado Assignment

Denver OEMHS (2010) preparedness policy places a strong emphasis on public information and training for emergency preparedness. The philosophy is that residents will be the first persons on the scene of a disaster, at least until first responders arrive, and are therefore a critical component of emergency preparedness. National guidelines call for public and private collaboration in EOP development (FEMA, 2010) and Denver's EOP more than meets this recommendation (EOMHS, 2010). Denver's EOMSH provides free Community Emergency Response Training (CERT) to the public, in addition to other outreach and education programs related to emergency preparedness. In 2010 alone, 15 CERT classes were conducted with 335 attendees.

Emergency preparedness partnerships have also been established with a number of private, public, and non-governmental organizations. To provide preparedness information and awareness to the residents of the Denver area, READYColorado was developed. For example, READYColorado participates in health fairs, annual events, focus groups to spread preparedness information. Middle and high school students began to participate in preparedness training in 2010, which included CPR, first aid, basic triage, and how to make a preparedness kit. In addition, first responders and other emergency support annexes participate in annual exercises on a local, regional, and state level.


Based on a recent report from the Denver's Mayor's Office (EOMSH, 2010), the city government has formulated and implemented an EOP that exceeds national guidelines. Close to $700 million in emergency response assets are on hand and the EOMSH has a substantial operating budget to ensure 24/7 monitoring of the city and adequate responses to any emergencies that arise. Training and response exercises are a central theme of the day-to-day EOMSH operations and real emergencies have occurred over the past several years that have tested the EOM system. These exercises and real emergencies have provided numerous opportunities to evaluate and improve preparedness and EOPs. Based on this analysis, the residents of Denver appear to be in good hands.


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