Emergency Response Plan- Non-Government Entities Essay

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This role is equally critical for those victims with minor injuries that can be treated on site in order to avoid shock (Reynolds).

The secondary role of Red Cross is that of first response debriefing. Often first responders can experience post-traumatic stress equal to that of the victims after dealing with an emergency situation (Armstrong, 1991). The role of the Red Cross is to obtain all names and jobs of personnel involved on first response teams and debrief all workers. This debriefing provides the volunteers with a means of releasing their emotional responses away from the victims whom they are helping. These sessions also provide a way to gauge whether a first responder is fit enough to continue aid at the site or should be relieved for a break and further counseling (Armstrong). These methods for debriefing include the multiple stresses debriefing model where first responders are taken back through the events that happened and asked to share thoughts and experiences as a group. This group sharing allows for greater openness in dealing with the catastrophic events that took place.

The Red Cross is an invaluable tool within the emergency plan both for mass casualty aid and for debriefing of personnel. Red Cross volunteers will be greeted on-site and sent directly to the Joint Field Office for instructions.

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Private Sector Partner Guide. FEMA. Updated February 2010. Accessed May 14, 2012 at http://www.fema.gov/pdf/emergency/nrf/PartnerGuidePrivateSector.pdf

Essay on Emergency Response Plan- Non-Government Entities Assignment

Reynolds, Barbara & Seeger, Matthew (2005). Crisis and Emergency Risk Communication as an Integrative Model. Journal of Health Communications: Internal Perspectives, 10(1):…
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