Emergency Response Essay

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Life Safety Protocol

When students are within the institution, the institution is mandated to ensure that they are safe. There should also be some life safety protocol in place to ensure that everyone remains safe and is not harmed. This include having standby police officers who can help in such a situation .the students should also be empowered through counseling on exactly what they are supposed to do in case such incidences occur.

Personnel and Asset Protection

The institution should also ensure that no one is harmed or nothing is destroyed in case of an incidence of an active shooter. This will include ensuring that the campus is strictly under surveillance to ensure that anyone who attempts to carry out such a thing is detected early before they become a threat. There should also be clear guidelines given to students incase such incidences occur on how they will carry themselves and ensure tat no property is destroyed.

Incident Resources

There are various resources that will be required to curb such a situation. This includes telephones, halls and policemen. The institutions should ensure that the students can access a telephone where they can call for help if such an incidence occurs. A common secure hall should be build where the students can seek refuge. Finally policemen should be at their disposal so that they can counter the active shooter.


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Communication is very important in such a situation. This will make it easy to alert other people who might not be aware of the presence of the active shooter. The communication can be done through making calls silently to the administration or dialing 911 to report the emergency.

Incident Command Center (Emergency Operations Center)

The institution should ensure that they have a command center that is build purposely to deal with such incidences.it is in this center where the incident will be monitored and communication made in the case where the situation has been arrested and normalcy can resume.

Essay on Emergency Response There Is an Assignment


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