Emergency Room Overcrowding Essay

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Emergency Room Overcrowding

Healthcare reform must take emergency room overcrowding into account.

Emergency room overcrowding is characterized by a dual phenomenon:

There are actual increases in the number of patients seeking treatment.

There is also a reduction in staff and hospital resources.

Actual definitions of emergency room overcrowding include long wait times, lack of available beds, and boarding patients.

Boarding patients is both the cause and effect of emergency room overcrowding, and hospital administrators and policy makers alike must work together for solutions.

The causes of emergency room overcrowding are multifaceted.

Staff shortages are a major problem for hospitals.

Emergency physicians contend with skyrocketing liability insurance.

Nursing shortages are also creating emergency room overcrowding.

B. Budget cuts have resulted in fewer emergency rooms being built and cost-cutting in existing ones.

C. Emergency room admissions procedures are woefully inefficient.

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Essay on Emergency Room Overcrowding Assignment


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Emergency Room Overcrowding Essay

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