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[. . .] This is especially true if the society is heterogeneous. In a heterogeneous society people come from different cultures and religions and thus have different morals. There is always the likelihood that one set of individuals will be opposed to moral teaching that may be a contradiction to their culture or religion. Also, if the people making the decisions about moral standards are not representative of the entire society the "morality" being taught will always represent the In addition, one could also argue that public educational facilities are not designed to teach morality and should only concentrate on academic achievement.


The purpose of this discussion was to provide an overview of the theorist and his work. We found that Durkheim was born in a town and France and received his post secondary education in Paris at the Ecole Normale Superieure. He was also rejected because of his philosophies and original thoughts.

The discussion also focused on the work and evaluation of the validity of his theory of morality. We concluded that his theories were valid but were also complicated by the fact that many societies are heterogeneous and differing morals abound



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