Term Paper: Emile Durkheim Views Society as Having Two

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Emile Durkheim

Durkheim views society as having two types of solidarity. One type of which is called the mechanical solidarity and the other is called as organic Solidarity. Mechanical solidarity, according to Durkheim, is the basic form of solidarity that makes society an "organism" as intact rather than just an ensemble of the parts. On the other hand, organic solidarity refers to the social glue that is the outcome of the division of labor in the modern society. Below we define the differences between these kinds of the solidarities.

Mechanical Solidarity - Durkheim argues that mechanical solidarity is the social cohesion based upon the likeness and similarities among individuals in a society, and it is largely dependent on common rituals and routines. This kind of solidarity is common among prehistoric and pre-agricultural societies and lessens in as modernity increases.

Organic Solidarity - Durkheim argues in the advanced societies social cohesion is based upon the dependence of individuals on each other. As the societies progress, the mechanical solidarity begins to change into organic solidarity. If one person were to die, the society would not change, because all other members did exactly the same thing as the member that died. The collective conscience of a mechanical society is identical among all members, and the bond derives not from dependence on other individuals, but from the dependence on the total social system.

Therefore, in the industrial society, the division of labor increases.

Although in an advanced society individuals perform different tasks and often have different values and interests, the order and very survival of society depends on their reliance and dependence on… [END OF PREVIEW]

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