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[. . .] According to an independent poll conducted by the website Skyscanner, Emirates Airlines ranked number one airline for the best in-flight dining experience in 2011 (Skyscanner, 2011). The survey population consisted of 1,200 travelers that were asked to rate the in-flight food served from a staggering list of 35 airlines. The travelers were to rate on the basis of taste as well as presentation keeping in mind the food served in all the cabins of the airline being provided to each traveler that was a part of the survey. As travelers themselves accolade Emirates on their in-flight dining service, there is no greater authority than that to justify them as one of the airlines on top of their game.

Emirates Airlines swooped the Airline of the Year award two years in a row in 2001 and 2002, offered by the prestigious Skytrax (Skytrax, 2013). The organization currently ranks Emirates as a 4-star airline.

Apart from global surveys, Emirates also tops the Middle Eastern survey conducted by Arabian Business dot com. It tops the quality of customer service provided category from a list of seven airlines operating long-haul flights in and out of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). A total of fourteen flight experiences were measured with all flights taking place during the 2009/2010 Christmas and New Year period.

The study, conducted by Ethos Consultancy (Ethos Consultancy, 2013), published in an independent report, encompassing an in-depth analysis of the customer's experience of travelling in the airlines since the point of booking a seat on the airlines to the check-in point, and the waiting room with the services provided with regard to boarding on to the plane, the ambiance of the flight, the in-flight services provided by the stewards along with culinary services, plus any perks such as the entertainment options right up to the time when passenger reaches their destinations and gets off the plane. As a result, Emirates Airlines ranked number one with a scorecard of 92.3% from a total of 100%.

The major marketing strategy that was pulled by Emirates Airlines was to create a service so attractive that a person of each income level would want to travel in it. The answer was simple. To serve quality cuisine and food items in each class of the flight. First, Business and Economy class passengers have access to specialized menus and complimentary drinks. The food is developed up to high standards and is served in sufficient quantity. Champagne is available in Economy class at special discounted rates (Mouawad, 2011).

There was a survey conducted, on which airline offers the best in-flight meals and food service. The survey was conducted in a population of 500 veteran travelers that have been on a number of different airlines. The results of the survey are represented in the pie-chart below.

Logical Recommendations Developed Based on Findings:

Based on the surveys and interviews conducted, regarding the meal service in-flight on Emirates, the airline beat out several prestigious airlines, including Qatar Airways in scooping up most votes for its food servings for all three cabins: first, business and economy class.

This shows that Emirates has developed quality cuisine and cabin service in order to lure passengers to its flights. And normally, those passengers are never disappointed. The recommendation that can be developed is that Emirate Airlines insists on maintaining the quality of service it provides with strict controls and supervisory staff in place to monitor the flow of services in the business. Not only that, it should also seek to always be the leader of innovation in the field of new strategies of keeping the customers satisfied and coming back for more. Recently, Emirates Airlines announced the allowance of cell phone usage in-flight. This will encourage the customers to fly Emirates as the connectivity option in-flight is so very tempting in today's world where every other person is hooked to their smart phones.



Q1) In which cabin of the aircraft were you seated?

Business Class

First Class

Economy Class

Q2) What was the primary purpose of your flight?

Vacation / Visiting relatives & friends



Q3) Give an estimate, regarding how full was the cabin in which you were travelling?

100% full to its capacity

Less than 1/2 full to its capacity

Over 1/2 full to its capacity

Over ae full to its capacity

Q4) Who recommended you to fly with Emirates Airlines?

Travel agent / agency chose the airline

Friends / Family that have previously flown with Emirates Airlines

The internet and other marketing campaigns

Other (Specify in the box given below)

Q5) Did the plane depart on the scheduled departure time, or was there a time delay?

0-10 minutes time delay

10-30 minutes time delay

30-60 minutes time delay

60-120 minutes time delay

Over 120 minutes time delay

Q6) Was the food served in-flight sufficient in quantity?



Q7) What was the quality of the food served in-flight?

Below Average



Very Good


Q8) Did the cabin staff serve you with efficiency and effectiveness?



Q9) Out of 10, how much will you rank the flight experience with Emirates Airlines?

Q10) Are there any recommendations or complaints that you may have regarding the cabin staff, customer service, ambiance, food quality, flight timings or any other aspect of your experience with Emirates Airlines?


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