Emotional marketing in healthcare A2 Coursework

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The verbiage used by the narrator was steadier, though. The noise level in the Atlas Bass commercial was much lower. There were clear emotional links made but they were kept basic and on-topic, albeit in an emotional and figurative way at first. The NYP story was very focused and very direct…very little noise. The girl and the text on the screen each did their part in an efficient manner.

3- For the three commercials you selected, compare and contrast the hospitals/ health systems on the following:

a. In your opinion, which of the three hospital’s commercials were most effective? Please support your decision on marketing mix specifics from the commercials (i.e.: message, channel, etc.).

NYP’s was the most effective…without question. Very little message, very compelling story and it would be very encouraging for those that have significant healthcare challenges. The one weakness is that they didn’t focus on their wide array of abilities in the ad, but that was OK in this instance.

4- Now go to the website of the three hospitals (3) you selected. For each hospital and for each web site, please answer the following:

a. What are the mission, vision and values of this hospital/ health system?

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The stated values for Henry Ford are “each patient first”, respect for people, high performance, learning and continuous improvement and a social conscience.


Sandra Atlas Bass is sure to note that they are non-profit and that they have a huge network of practices and patients in their system. Like Ford, there is a focus on mentioning quality.


A2 Coursework on Emotional marketing in healthcare Assignment

NYP shows its different unit hospitals and the different departments. Like the Bass hospital, they give specific and extensive statistics. However, NYP is quite light when it comes to values and beliefs, for whatever reason.


b. Was it easy to find in the website? How many clicks in did you need to go to find it?

A simple Google search made Henry Ford easy to find. It’s a little less obvious on the main page. The dropdown menu bar and the sitemap information at the bottom has the “About” link, but it’s not prominent on that main page. It’s 2-3 clicks depending on the path. For Atlas Bass, the link to the “About Us” page with the information is in clear view on the main page…far left side of the menu bar. It’s only one click once the main website is loaded. NYP is also directly linked off of the main page, although in a little less obvious place as compared to Atlas Bass.

c. How did the message in the commercial compare to the hospital/ health system’s mission, vision and values?

The Henry Ford ad/site combo matched up very well. The Sandra Atlas Bass ad was even better. The NYP ad was utter perfection aside from the drill-down of the ad as compared to what they offer at a high level. NYP’s ad and website were quite different, although there was no conflict since the children’s hospital is clearly mentioned on the About Us page. The ad was specifically about a child cancer patient. However, that’s a small fraction of what they do.

Video choices:

5- Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital


6- St Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Bedtime


7- Missouri Baptist Hospital Commercial


8- Someday Starts Today- Florida Hospital Network


9- Sandra Atlas Bass Heart Hospital


10- Middlesex Hospital TV


11- A Brand New Day at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia


12- Bingham Memorial Hospital


13- Northwell Health Look North


14- Heather McNamara’s Story- NYP


15- Valerie’s Story/ Memorial Sloan Kettering


16- “With Love” Commercial/ Bon Secours St. Francis health system


17- Hospital for Special Surgery

https://www.youtube.com/user/HSpecialSurgery [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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