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¶ … employed in order to increase the total revenue accrued from an e-business enterprise. It concentrates on a variety of literature devoted to the process of maximizing the output in terms of revenue that is derived from e-business-based platforms.

This paper uses a variety of parameters in the evaluation of the efficiency of the revenue accrued from an e-business-based platform. It does this through a review of extant literature with the revenue earned as the dependent variable by means of a statistical model based on multiple regression theory. It explores the extent to which the inclusion and manipulation of various elements of an e-business can result to an overall increase in the yield.

Purposes: The purpose of this research paper is to determine the methods that can be instituted in order to increase the revenue accrued through an e-business platform.

E-business definition


The internet is the technological framework that has revolutionized the way business is done. The internet can also be referred to as the information superhighway and can be described as "The biggest technological advancement since the personal computer and the primary technological force causing all corporations to rethink their business model, the Internet is a system of millions of interconnected networks that spans to the earth" (Wilson, 1996).Other scholars such as Young (1999) have forms one of the most cost-effective ways of conducting business.

World Wide Web (www)

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World Wide Web forms a subset of the internet. It was conceptualized several years past along protocols that initially were designed from the MOSAIC software architecture. The users of the MOSAIC software experienced a multimedia marvel. They could experience videos, graphics, pictures and sound. This was through a Graphical User Interface (GUI). The www is implemented on a server and client environment. The power of the www framework has been adopted by various corporations in the process of enhancing their broad range of product and services.


Research Proposal on Employed in Order to Increase the Total Assignment

E-business refers to the process of conducting various forms of transactions and corporate activities over the internet. The abilities of various businesses to adopt the power and flexibility associated with the internet technology are one of the technological achievements of this century. The process of businesses communicating with other businesses and also their customers is executed via various channels. Internet is therefore one of the latest channels that has been adopted for use in the process of business communication and transaction. E-commerce has several appeals. It also involves commerce. E-commerce entails one of the major boosters to both national and international trade and commerce. It involves conducting business online. The concept of e-commerce has revolutionized the way in which customers and businesses interact.

The power of the e-business can be seen in its ability to offer businesses and customers various personalized and automated techniques of conducting business. The overall result is an increase in revenue and a much stronger relationship between clients and the businesses. E-commerce has therefore been fully adopted by businesses in the process of marketing, selling and offering other value addition services such as customer service. "Electronic commerce is the carrying out of business activities that lead to an exchange of value across telecommunications networks." (EITO, 1997)

The introduction of the e-business concept was ushered with a lot of enthusiasm. This evolution has made it one of the mainstream concepts that are employed in the process of streamlining management practices. It is now commonplace to find various information technology firms offering various e-business-based services. Several firms and organizations have therefore harnessed the power of the internet in an effort to improve their overall efficiency, flexibility and level of efficacy. E-business has revolutionized various sectors of the global economy ranging from the educational sectors to the financial sector. E-business allows for the use of the existing IT infrastructure and models for the purpose of improving and managing the control of various organizational business processes and its influence is widespread across the entire value chain management system.

Despite the various advantages attached to the use of e-business systems, their efficiency is never at its peak at most of the times. The expected benefits therefore fall short of the envisioned level. Several scholars have dedicated their efforts in the study of the various causal factors in the failure of e-business frameworks (Porter, 2001, Coltman et al., 2001). Their findings pointed out clearly that the failure of the e-business platforms is due to a combination of factors ranging from poor planning to a negligence of various integral organizational policies. The various organizations and firms are therefore advised to employ various approaches that are based on thorough evaluation of their e-business platforms. The hope of these players is pegged on the results of various e-Business Process Modeling techniques used in the mimicking of the e-business processes as a conduit to enhance the design, management and the overall elevation of the level of efficiency derived from the e-business platforms (Sharp, 2007)

This research is therefore geared towards the analysis of the current frameworks of e-businesses with an aim of improving the efficiency and revenue acquired through the adoption of the e-business platforms in various organizations.

Literature review

Extant literature has been dedicated to the study and analysis of the processes that can be employed in the process improving the Business Process through the adoption of various e-business platforms. E-business has generated a lot of hype in the field of management and IT. There is however a lot of confusion regarding the views on the subject. There are therefore several definitions of the term. The level of confusion is further increased by its relationship with e-commerce. Several scholars have a perspective of e-commerce as a derivative of e-business with an inclination towards the buying and selling of goods and services over an internet framework. Other scholars however, view the e-business as a superset of e-commerce (Turban et al., 2006).The two concepts are however completely different as postulated by Laudon and Traver ( 2008).

It is a matter of fact however that the concept of e-commerce and e-business bear distinct commonalities such as their role in the improvement of various aspects of business processes and their reliance on various common IT infrastructures such as internet and extranet. The definition of e-business is the utilization of ICT infrastructure for the process of re (designing),managing, improving and controlling of various business processes. It entails operations conducted both within an organization and between different organizations. This therefore makes the integration of the front office and back office processes via a multichannel system a crucial element of any e-business platform.


Research design

The process adopted in the development of methodology for this research is pegged on the utilization of inductive case study (Eisenhardt, 1989).In order to understand all the parameters that are important for the success of any e-business, the research is to be conducted through an in-depth study and analysis of 20 e-business firms. This is in light of the thorough and well developed e-business platform that these firms possess. Each firm is to be investigated by means of nearly 40 open-ended questions that act as the main guidelines.

The process is to involve the use of questions that are formulated from the use of multiple sources of data. This means that the research is to be designed on the basis of multiple case studies which have the advantage of allowing for the replication of logic (Yin, 1989).The implication of this is that the research design allows for the treatment of various cases as a set of experiments. Individual cases are regarded as basic theoretical insights that are gathered through the analysis of several previous cases. He aim is to refine and modify them in order to increase their revenue throughput. This form of replication of logic results in the creation of very stable theory which is free and clear from various forms of bias from the researcher (Eisenhardt, 1989). The overall result is the creation of relatively testable theory that is free from various forms of researcher bias and also allows for close correlation between the theory itself and the data gathered (Glaser & Strauss, 1967).

The field of e-business is rapidly evolving and the collection of a pool of emerging theory in terms of data gathered can result in the acquisition of better perspectives on the currently existing research domains (Hitt et al., 1998). This framework is particularly important in the earlier stages of the research domain. The extent to which the research topic is to be exploited is however hard to predict as due to the multivariate nature of the research domain and the existing theories of e-business.

Sample Selection

In the gathering of samples to be utilized in this research, I am going to concentrate on e-business firms that are based in the United States. A list is to be created of all the relevant e-business firms whose revenue are listed in the New York Stock Exchange. The information to be used is to be sourced from an online portal (hoovers.com).The list is to… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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