Employee Relations: Industrial Conflicts Essay

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The major difference between employee relations and industrial relations is the fact that industrial relations are mainly based on the treatment of employees by their employers.

There are various arrangements made by organizations to involve their employees in decision-making processes ranging from delegation of responsibility to consultation services to the formation of project teams. When an organization settles for project team arrangement, it assigns various tasks or projects to specific employees to work on them. To ensure that these employees in the project team are involved in the decision-making process, the management delegates considerable responsibility to these employees. Another organization involves employees in the decision-making process through consultation exercises and meetings. In this case, employees become part of the decision-making within the organization by being encouraged to share their ideas.

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Employee involvement techniques in an organization have always proven to be effective because of the two-fold advantages they provide i.e. To the organization and the employees themselves. To the organization, these techniques enable it to increase its productivity by providing quality products and services that meet customers' needs. On the other hand, these employee involvement techniques foster good and efficient collaboration and communication between employees. An organization's human resource management has a significant impact on employee relations since it determines employee empowerment or workers control is encouraged. While employee empowerment enables employee to determine how they do their jobs, workers control denies them this independence ("Employer/Employee Relations," 2009).


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