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The primary problem presented in this study is to determine the size of the problem, the severity of the problem, and the causes of the problem in order to propose solutions to remedy the situation.

History of the problem.

The recruitment of management at XYZ is always a complicated undertaking. It is important not only to find managers who are qualified for the position technically and who have the greatest amount of experience, but also to find those who have management styles and philosophies similar to those at XYZ. In the past XYZ had a policy of hiring only outside managers. XYZ did not promote employees from the manufacturing floor into management as a reward for good performance as a line worker. Many comapanys have this policy as an incentive for employees to perform well. XYZ, however chose to use other incentives for their line workers as it was felt that management requires specialized training and skill. A person may be an excellent line worker, but that does not mean that they have the skill, training and education necessary to handle a management position. There are however, various floor positions for which they are eligible, such as a team leader or such.

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Three years ago, the employees expressed collectively that they would like a chance to become management and that a chance at management would give them greater motivation in their present jobs. We were under the direction of a new CEO at the time, who came from a company that had the policy previously described. He mandated that XYZ begin recruiting management from within under the premise that it would increase company loyalty and give the workers something to strive for.

Term Paper on Employee Satisfaction With a Company's Assignment

As suspected by key management personnel, some of these persons were ill equiped to handle management positions. Workers who had once been peers were now underlings and many of these new managers were faced with correcting or disciplining former friends. Human Resources began to receive many personal grievances and complaints. It is believed that the results of this study will show a significant correlation between the drop in employee satisfaction and the adoption of this new policy by management.

Knowing what the expectations of our superiors are for us helps us to set goals and achieve them. Setting and achieving goals helps us to gain self-esteem. Employees who have greater self-esteem have better production and greater motivation. At XYZ, Inc. we expect mangers to relay their expectations to employees and in turn for employees to have open communication in achieving these goals. If a manager does not relay their expectations, then the employee will not perform at their best.

This ties in with the idea of "self-fulfilling prophecy" that was first discovered by Merton (1948). This concept stated that what we believe about ourselves effects our ability to achieve a goal, thus creating success and raising self-esteem. This is where the phrase,"if I believe it, I can achieve it came from." Clarke, (1955, 1963) studied the effects of that the teacher's feelings had on the performance of minority children. He found that the teacher's expectations in turn effected the student's expectations and that in turn effected their classroom performance. Students whose teacher felt that they had the ability to achieve performed better than those who held ideals about limits that minority students would be able to achieve (Clarke, p. 238). This is called the Pygmalion effect.

Though this concept was first applied to the field of education, it has since than been found that the same effect applies regarding manager's expectations about employee achievement as well. Feedback and the conveyance of expectations is an important part of this concept. In work places where the employees are unaware of their manager's expectations or feel that the manager considers them or their work inferior in some way will not work as hard to succeed and as a result will eventually live up to their own expectations. This can go in either a positive or negative direction.

This project will measure the amount of influence that Pygmalion effect has on the employees at XYZ. It will measure both the amount and perception that employees are receiving from their direct managers and how it effects their attitudes and performance at XYZ. The drop in positive findings at XYZ indicate that the problem is widespread and growing worse. It has been found to encompass all divisions of XYZ and is present in all countries of operation. This would suggest that it may be as a result of a company-wide policy change and not just a local effect caused by one manager or set of managers.


The pygmalion effect is subjective in nature and may be influenced by pre-existing attitudes that either the employee or manager previously holds. The overall level of an employee's self-esteem has an effect on how they perceive and respond to criticism or positive feedback from their mangers. Persons who already have low self-esteem may take critisicm from a manager more negatively than someone who has high self-esteem. A person with high self-esteem may take with a grain of self, whereas as the low self-esteem person may need more positive feedback to maintain and raise their self-esteem.

It also cannot be determined how other factors besides work are effecting the employee's work. Marital problem, financial problems, or other factors outside work may effect the person's self-esteem and that could effect their overall self-esteem, thus effecting their perceptions. Factors outside the home will not be a part of this study, therefore their effects will not be known.

Another variable that will not be included as a part of this study is the effect that certain personality traits will have on the pygmalion effects. Personality conflicts may have an impact on the effectiveness of manager/employee relations. In addition, it will not be known the level of personal skills that any subject possesses. Some people are excellent communicators and conflict solvers by nature, while some others are lacking in this area. Personality factors will not be included as a part of this report, but could have a potential effect on the results.

Scope of the Problem.

The XYZ company employs over 5,000 employees worldwide. Conducting a survey of this size and magnitude would take a very long time and by the time results are obtained, there may be other factors that may be in effect to influence the results. A study that takes more than six months to complete would no longer be relevant as circumstances may have changed by that time. In addition, it is suggested that the measures to correct the problems found in this report be implemented as quickly as possible. The purpose of this report is not to identify each and every situation where employees are dissatisfied with their feedback, but rather to spot general trends and discover the cause of these trends. Therefore, for the purposes of this report, a sampling of the employees encompassing all divisions of the company will be explored.

The setting for this study will be company wide and will take place in all of the locations and facilities in the company. This will encompass all foreign divisions as well. There are many things that may influence the outcome of this study. The first is that participation in the survey will be voluntary and it may not be possible to obtain a sufficient sample size to allow the results to be applied across the entire population that it represents. In addition, it may by that only employees who are satisfied or those who are dissatisfied will chose to respond to the survey. In some situations, employees may be unwilling to participate for fear of retaliation if they give their manager a bad review. External forces, such as political climates in some foreign locations may influence survey results as well, especially in countries where a more hierarchical structure exists.

Organizational Chart of XYZ, Inc.


There are certain assumptions associated with he conduct of this experiment. First it is assumed that the production workers will be honest in their answers. In this way the survey will express a true evaluation of worker attitudes and the true underlying conditions for their dissatisfaction will be discovered. Second, it will be assumed that the conditions described by the workers will be those that currently exist and will not reflect past or future events.

Premise, Hypothesis, and Research Questions

The expected out come of this study will be to determine what effect Pygmalion effect is having on employee attitudes and production. It will serve to identify the underlying causes a drop in worker satisfaction with manager feedback that has been on the increase in recent years. The hypotheses will center around the degree of this effect and the underlying causes and will test assumptions that will pose possible solutions to the problem. The research questions will be product oriented… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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