Employee Selection and Performance Appraisal Research Paper

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¶ … Employee Selection and Performance Appraisal Methods

Employee selection process

The contemporary human resource pool offers diverse talents and skills from which many organizations, be it a new one or one that has been in existence over the years delve into to get the best possible in terms of the talent and the skills that they hold. Due to the globalization of most businesses and organizations, there are global trends that are now considered when the HR department is making its selection. The recruitment and selection process, which is simply the process of getting the best possible applicant for the job, will only be effective if it is paired with the valid and reliable selection team who can objectively look into the type of skills and quality of the skills that the applicants have (Boohene R., 2011: Pp2). Further, it is significant to have some suitable plan that will be used in the selection and the plan needs to be suitable to the requisite qualities of the candidate.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Research Paper on Employee Selection and Performance Appraisal Assignment

The organization under discussion here is an interior finish company that deals in sales and supply of finishing for the already built houses plus the fitting of the technical equipments that they may supply. Among the major lines that it deals in are floor tiles and other flooring materials, sanitary ware, carpets, lighting, curtains, home and office furniture, paints as well as general plumbing items. The organization is divided into two basic sections, the showroom sales team plus the management that mostly handle the walk in clients and the back office that handles the paperwork mainly. The caliber of clients that the organization handles is very diverse, ranging from the individual middle class home owners, to the real estate investors and the multi-million dollar property owners who would like to either fit their new homes with the latest of the interior finish or just to have a facelift to their existing homes. This range of clients that the organization handles therefore calls for highly informed and qualified teams to interact with them in the showroom from one product to another, one display to the other, giving them a general direction and advice on what they need to settle for depending on what already exists in the house. The sales team will also be responsible for the costing of the projects of clients and handling the miscellaneous information to the logical conclusion as per the request of the client. The sales team in this respect will have to be people with diverse people skills and technical skills, such that they can not only handle the varied personalities of the clients and their change in moods but also read through the technical plans that the clients may present.

The selection process that will be discussed here takes into account the sales team in the show room since they are the nerve center of the organization in terms of sales. The predominant selection method often employed is three tiered; first there is the general interview with the HR manager to determine the suitability of the potential employee and to see whether the vision and values of the employee are aligned to those of the organization. If the applicant successfully goes through this stage, he is sent to a senior sales executive who will be in the showroom and his duty is to subject the applicant to numerous technical aspects of the products, which may not be too difficult to handle but must be able to give indicative value of the applicant's acquaintance with the products and calculations that he will be facing is they are absorbed. This process ensures that the requisite skills as mentioned hitherto and taken into account so that the selection process will end up with the best possible among all the applicants. The third tier is the panel interview that one is sent to once he has successfully gone through the second tier. The senior sales person will forward the names of those he has confidence in their knowledge to the HR manager who will in turn inform the applicants to appear at the panel session. The panel is often composed of senior managers and mid level managers source from different departments of the organization. The number of panel members must always be odd numbers and they often interchange hence there are no permanent members of the panel. At this third and final stage, the applicants are taken through psychometric oral tests to see how they would handle diverse clients, they are given varied case scenarios to sole, taken through rampant and quick questions and also tested o their general knowledge. The aim of this session if to finally know if the applicant has the diverse capability to handle significantly different real life scenarios and also to test their psychological disposition, stress management, self-awareness and control, interpersonal skills as well as physical demeanor taking into account that they are bound to work with customers directly.

The selection criterion used in our organization is widely transparent and acceptable to majority of the applicants and the administration of the organization as well as the individuals involved in the process. The individuals involved are often those who understand the policies, objectives and practices of the organization hence apply these to the selection process, which is a positive to the organization. However, from the trend experienced in the company, the sales executives slots are often reserved for people without any disability. This is an area that ethically speaking could be questioned since despite people with disability applying, there has never been one who has proceeded beyond the first tier. The second tier of the selection process has also ben criticized by some as unfair since it subjects the candidates to technical requirements yet they have not had a chance to look at the organizational products. This tier is also subject to abuse since the senior sales executives can easily apply selective and biased judgments based on personal likes and dislikes.

Bearing the ever changing consistency of the client base who originate from several cultures, there is need to revamp the selection process such that it gives forth sales persons from diverse backgrounds to cater for the multicultural client base.

Performance appraisal program within the organization

Most organizations believe that what gets measured gets done hence 97.2% of the companies in the U.S. have in place some form of appraisal program. The trend is not different across the globe where it is estimated that 91% of all companies have got some form of appraisal to ensure performance by the employees is achieved (University of Pennsylvania, 2011). Apparently it is considered one of the key activities where the management and the employees interact in details on a regular basis, some organizations carry out appraisals annually yet others do it half yearly. Appraisals are also viewed as a means of getting feedback from the employees as well as presenting the chance for the employees to grow.

The specific appraisal program adopted within the organization is a future oriented methods referred to as management by objectives (MBO). This is an appraisal method that is seen to be the antithesis of management by control where there were tightly controlled systems of management. The MBO basically calls for the setting of objectives to each sales person in the above organization and continued monitoring and support to these sales people to achieve the set goals. The Economist (2009) indicates that the MBO was one of the appraisal programs that helped HP be the economic giant it is today since the through it, the planning process, which was traditionally under the control of the top management alone, was delegated to all members of the organization in one form or the other.

In order to establish an effective MBO, there is need to establish goals and the desired outcomes from each employee or sale representative. There is also need for setting of clear performance standards to be set out. There is also the need to compare the actual goals that had been set and the goals achieved by the employee since this is a future oriented approach and a review in as much as it is an appraisal. There is also need to establish new strategies and new goals particularly for the goals that were not achieved by the sales executive in the previous year or session. As Business and Legal Resources (2015) defines, there are several reasons of having the MBO effectively implemented and having each individual understand their goals and objectives. These benefits in the context of this organization include the sale executives getting more engaged in their job, clarity of exaltations from each sales executive, provides framework for defining uniform performance standards, the employee goals are better aligned to those of the organization, it acts as a feedback mechanism that the sales executives use and it can also make the employee feel cared for by the supervisor or manager.

The appraisal program in this specific case is formally applied and… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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