Employment Agreement Nurse Practitioner Essay

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First year of employment two weeks of vacation will be included in the salaried employee benefits plan.

The salary will include the vacation benefit and no additional monetary benefit will be paid.

Third year of employment the addition of a third week of vacation will accrue.

Fifth year of employment the addition of a fourth week of vacation will accrue.

Vacation time will be scheduled with a minimum notice of 6 weeks, the more notice given to the designee of the corporation will be greatly appreciated for the adjustment of patient and physician schedules. The vacation times request should be made in writing to the corporation and include the complete dates of your request including weekday and weekend dates.


Current New York License is required prior to employment and will be verified by the Management. It is the responsibility of the employee to maintain his/her current License and submit a copy of the document prior to gainful employment. Failure to maintain this documentation as current will necessarily result in immediate cessation of salary and benefits until corrections are made.


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Transportation will be the responsibility of the employee. Transportation will only be provided when the employee is out of town for the purpose of attending a meeting, conference, and/or education offering required by the Corporation. All receipts of the transportation will be required for reimbursement by the Corporation. Transportation should be arranged prior to the travel and an estimation of the cost and duration made at that time. When at all possible the Corporation will make these reservations and provide the information concerning the transportation prior to departure to the traveling parties.


Medical Insurance:

The employee within the financial parameters defined by the Corporation may determine the type of plan selected. The plan identified by the employee should be submitted to the Corporation for review.

Essay on Employment Agreement Nurse Practitioner Employment Assignment

The information to be submitted to the Corporation should include type of plan, cost, and a contact person with the said insurance company.

Malpractice Insurance:

The employee will be carried on the primary physician's Medical Malpractice Insurance for the duration of their employment. It is the option of the NP to purchase persona; separate malpractice coverage.


The primary physician of the practice or any designated legal physician agent of the corporation, will execute a cooperative agreement for the purpose of satisfying legal requirements for the continuing practice of the NP.


MD Date ARNP Date


1. The Nurse Practitioner shall provide clinical and professional medical services to patients aged 12 and above within the scope of Nurse Practitioner's qualifications and consistent with accepted standards of medical practice and consistent with the reasonable productivity standards adopted by the Corporation and the Nurse Practitioner.

2. The Nurse Practitioner shall provide general patient care at the site specified by performance of accepted procedures and commonly used therapies and provision of appropriate support services. The Nurse Practitioner shall do all things reasonably desirable to maintain and improve her professional skills, including attendance at professional, postgraduate seminars and participation in professional societies. In addition, the Nurse Practitioner shall perform the following administrative, teaching, or professional services for the Corporation:

a. Order medical supplies for the office

b. Review lab and radiology reports of office patients, and take appropriate follow-up action

3. The Nurse Practitioner shall be responsible for the quality of medical care rendered by Nurse Practitioner to the patients of the Practice and for ensuring that such are meets or exceeds currently accepted standards of medical competence.

4. The Nurse Practitioner shall participate in the quality assurance and risk management program.

5. The Nurse Practitioner shall assist in the recruitment and hiring of professional personnel and support staff to work in the practice.

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