EMS and Improvements Essay

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There may be another set of personnel and another ambulance on call, as well. These crew members can take a call if they are needed, but otherwise they will have free time. They generally have a cell phone or pager to notify them if they need to come in and take a call. The shifts are often 24 hours long, with sleep taking place in between calls. That is not always terribly effective, because some crews during busy shifts may end up sleep deprived and struggling to care for patients probably (Skandalakis, 2006). This is especially true for systems that are short staffed, overall.

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There are both barriers and solutions for the local EMS system. These include a lack of people to staff the ambulances, but the ability to hire more. While many EMS systems are short on funds and the local system is really no exception, hiring more people to staff the ambulances is a solution for the short staffing problem. Additionally, sensitivity training and other types of training can help ensure that EMS workers are more receptive to the needs of the patients that go beyond just their current medical condition (Melby & Ryan, 2005). There is more to taking care of a person in a medical situation than physical issues, as mental and emotional support can also be significant. The response times, unfortunately, do not have many solutions. Some of the area is rural, and traveling to a patient's location can take some time. With enough staff and good preparation, response times will be as short as possible (Melby & Ryan, 2005). Despite that, however, there are only so many ways to cover ground, and response times have to factor in the length of time it physically takes to drive from one place to another.


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TOPIC: Essay on EMS and Improvements Assignment

Skandalakis, P.N., Lainas, P., Zoras, O., Skandalakis, J.E., & Mirilas, P. (2006). 'To afford the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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