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¶ … enclosed proposed study, "The future of Stem Cell Research." Stem cell research has been a hot topic of debate for many years. Those who are against it believe it is playing God, while those who support it believe it is the next step in advancing medical science.

This study proposal was born out of a desire to learn what the future of stem cell research looks like. It will be conducted through reading published data about the topic, speaking to experts in the field and gauging society's feelings about it through the use of a questionnaire.

The interest sparked when I met a colleague who is diagnosed with a life threatening disorder. His doctors have said he will not live more than a few years unless he is cured. He is studying psychology and refuses to let his disorder stop him from continuing toward his goals though he knows without a cure he will not meet those goals completely.

As I got to know him, I began to understand what the world will lose when he is gone. He is majoring in psychology and if he can be cured he will go on to touch the lives of many people during his planned mental health practice.

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Stem cell research is a hot button for many fields including finance, medicine and sociology. As mankind stands at the door to success when it comes to stem cell research and uncovering all of the ways it can benefit society, legislators and medical professionals must decide whether to step through that door or turn around and pretend they never knew it was there. This study will examine the issues surrounding stem cell research and try to determine what the field's future holds based on what has already been done, how the experts feel about it what the moral, ethical and financial considerations will be.

I believe this study is important it will provide a foundation for people to determine whether or not to support the future of stem cell research or to fight against advancing the field. It will compile facts from research already conducted, discussions with experts and a questionnaire polling 100 students about their views on the topic.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Enclosed Proposed Study, "The Future of Stem Assignment

The Department of Medicine has appropriated funding for an undergraduate student who is interested in completing a research study regarding stem cell research. Students who are interested should submit a proposal that will describe their topic, explain the significance of that topic, detail the objective of the research, describe how the research will be conducted and discuss the cost of the study. In addition the student should include any credentials that may help in determining that student's qualifications to do the study. Send proposals by November 1, 2006.

The Future of Stem Cell Research

Lance Fontenot


This proposal outlines a plan to research the future of stem cell research. Stem cell research is an extremely volatile topic worldwide due to the abilities it can potentially create for the medical field. I plan to explore the history of stem cell research, the uses it currently offers, the controversy surrounding its use and what the future of the field seems to be. I plan to research this topic by studying already published articles on the topic, speaking to experts in the medical field to gain insight and using a questionnaire survey method to gauge society's attitude about the field. I have successfully completed several research studies in the past. My request is for $3,000. The study will be completed by January 15, 2007.

The Future of Stem Cell Research: A Proposal


When I found out that Joe suffers from a life threatening disorder I was shocked. He works hard, he studies hard and he is always upbeat and cheerful when we spend time together. He refuses to allow the disorder to define his identity but I couldn't help asking him what it would take to save his life. He smiled and said that if stem cell research would hurry along he would be more optimistic about his future. His plans include becoming a psychologist. I began to realize how many people he will be able to help if he is allowed to fulfill that dream. I also began reading about babies who are suffering from ailments that in a few more years might be curable and mothers or fathers who want to be around a few years longer instead of dying and leaving their children behind. On the other hand I am aware of the controversy surrounding stem cell research and the steps that have been taken worldwide to stop much of its progression.

The purpose of this study is to determine whether or not society in general wishes to support the further development of stem cell research. It has become a politically charged issue and funding has become a cornerstone of argument for those who are against it. This study will determine it is something that should be continued based on society's desires.

The proposal will be organized by providing a purpose, a statement of the problem, a methodology section and a conclusion. It will also provide a time line and a budget.


Studies have been conducted for the purpose of identifying the most pressing ethical issues in the area of stem cell research. These studies have aimed their objective at helping to inform the issue of policy making by providing the ethical questions in research format. While these are important studies that have answered many of the more pressing questions the measurement of public feelings and support are what will ultimately drive the policy decisions regarding stem cell research.

A recent Canadian study targeted a population of participants who were sent email messages asking them to provide their feelings and ideas about what the most pressing issues surrounding stem cell research are. "Responses were collated and categorized under broad topic areas. The topics were then reviewed by a panel of experts through teleconference discussions (Ogbogu, 2006)."

One of the most pressing issues according to that study was the process and practice of informed consent in the area of stem cell research. This pertained to many areas including the use of embryonic cells for research purposes.

The specific topics identified under this heading were as follows.

Empirical study of consent practices in IVF clinics involved in stem cell research;

compliance with and practicality of consent regulations;

issues around blanket and specific consent, validity of blanket consent, and procedures for obtaining additional consent;

timing of consent, and the right to withdraw consent;

informed consent mechanisms (e.g. providing adequate background information to donors vs. merely requiring their signatures on a form); the role of independent advocates in the consent process; and international perspectives and approaches to consent regulation and practices.

Egg and gamete donation / Use of fresh embryos (Ogbogu, 2006)"

Other research concluded that participants will support the use of adult stem cells for the treatment of various disease including Parkinson's, diabetes and others, but would draw the line when it comes to the use of embryonic cells for that research regardless of the outcome that research can provide (Results, 2002).

Among the justifications stated in the Guidelines for pursuing human embryonic stem cell research was the allegedly limited potential of adult stem cells as compared to the purportedly enormous, yet speculative, potential of embryonic stem cells. In particular, NIH's response to comments urging the benefits of adult stem cell research highlighted four alleged shortcomings related to the biomedical potential of adult stem cells (Results, 2002)."


There are several objectives within this study proposal that will be addressed during the research. The most broad-based question is going to be "Do you support stem cell research? If so why and if not why not?"

The next few questions that will be answered are sub-questions that are derived from the general broad question.

They include:

1. Does society support using adult stem cells only?

2. Does society support using embryonic cells?

3. Does society support using fetal cells?

4. Does society think it should be a government funded industry or private business? Why?

5. Does society think there should be limits placed on what the stem cell research can be used to do and if so what are those limits?


This study will utilize three different types of research in the effort to provide a comprehensive and complete study of the topic.


The first for of research that will take place will be library research. The study will conduct an exhaustive literature review of studies that have already been conducted on the topic of stem cell research. The only literature that will be utilized for the purpose of this study will be peer reviewed published journal articles. The research that will be accepted for the purpose of this study will have been published within the past five years and will focus on the history and the findings of stem cell research to date. It will be a well… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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