Enemy of the People Term Paper

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Enemy of the People

In every modern-day society (and, perhaps early ones as well) several types of people exist: There are those who do not make a decision for themselves, but follow the lead of others. There are others who are corrupt and take action solely for their own personal needs or gain. Finally, some people do what they feel is the most ethical regardless of the ramifications.

Making a decision, such as Dr. Stockmann had to do, is not easy. This is especially true when it did not only impact him, but it impacted his family as well. However, he had a choice: Either to go along with the majority and lose his own self-esteem and worth or stand up for what he felt was right. Only then would he be able to look at himself in the mirror knowing that he did not sell out.

It is unfortunate that most people will take the easy way out. An individual has to be very strong to handle the controversy, name-calling and ridicule. Today, more than ever, the world needs more of the Dr. Stockmann-type individuals. Aspects of the society surely are as much, if not more, morally corrupt than those in Ibsen's story.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on Enemy of the People Assignment

For example, only a few years ago the Enron scandal showed what individuals will do to because of greed and selfishness. Ironically, the company's ethics code (over 60 pages long) stated: "We know Enron enjoys a reputation for fairness and honesty that is respected. Enron's reputation finally depends on its people, you and me. Let's keep that reputation high." Enron, of course, was not the only organization that was found to be lacking in the morals department at that time. nor, are these companies that were indicted the only ones that were (or are) making unethical or illegal decisions. Thankfully, there are some people who are strong enough to be whistleblowers. Yet they are far and few between. They are waiting for someone else to take the first… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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