Energy Conservation Process Basically Consists in Achieving Term Paper

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Energy conservation process basically consists in achieving the same results with smaller quantities of energy. Energy conservation has become a matter of extreme importance that is affecting life on Earth at all levels. This matter affects households, industrial consumers, and the state itself, in different ways. However, each of these affected parties tries to diminish energy consumption, for environmental purposes, for profit related purposes, or for energy policy purposes. The energy consumption distribution per sector in the United States is the following: transportation 28%, residential 21%, commercial 17%, and industrial 33%. As households are concerned, energy consumption distribution follows the following pattern: space conditioning 44%, water heating 13%, lighting 12%, refrigeration 8%, home electronics 6%, laundry appliances 5%, kitchen appliances 4%, and other uses 8% (DOE, 2007).

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Energy consumption affects the environment and its components, in the first place. Scientists have revealed that the climate is "getting hotter due to people burning fossil fuels like oil, coal, and gas that emit heat-trapping, greenhouse gases into the atmosphere" (Dinsdale, 2007). As a result of temperature rising, ice sheets in the Antarctic will melt, the Gulf Stream current will stop transporting heat across the Atlantic, and other irreversible disasters will produce. This could further lead to soils shrinkage and increased erosion. Also, sea levels will rise, which will cause some land to be lost in favor of the sea. A deteriorated climate will obviously affect plants and animals, therefore, affecting farmers as well. The water cycle is very likely to be affected, increasing the risk of droughts, the risk of flooding, and water consumption. Human health could also be severely affected.

Term Paper on Energy Conservation Process Basically Consists in Achieving Assignment

People are directly responsible for energy consumption and, therefore, for Energy conservation. The human negative impact manifests through increased, and most of the times, useless energy consumption, which leads to terrible consequences, as mentioned above. This negative human impact can only be lessened by a positive one that is related to energy conservation. Energy conservation must be implemented by each regular individual by including this practice in one's lifestyle, by industrial consumers, and by the state through its energy policies and programs.

Energy conservation strategies are usually developed for each sector that consumes energy. In 1975, in the transportation sector the federal Corporate Average Fuel Economy program was implemented. As a consequence, fuel economy significantly improved. However, the program's benefits were somehow reduced after 1990, due to changes in individuals' auto vehicles preferences. Programs in the residential sector have not been as successful, since sizes of houses built in the United States are continuously increasing, as well as the central air conditioning percentage is. The commercial sector does not present any significant improvements related to energy conservation after the implementation of certain governmental programs. However, these programs have proven to be successful in the industrial sector, where… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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