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[. . .] Similarly, I have determined that an uncomplicated way for me to become more efficient in my energy use would be to carpool with friends more often in order to save gasoline and reduce harmful emissions. Additionally, I have recently begun replacing the light bulbs in my home with more energy efficient fluorescent light bulbs. This is an extremely simple way for me to increase my energy efficiency by more than 50%. Furthermore, if some change were to occur in my current energy supply system and my energy were to be sourced from Russia, I would certainly expect a much higher price on my bills. Even though Russia has a substantially larger supply of many fuel sources as compared to my local supplier, transportation and distribution costs typically represent a very large percentage of overall energy costs. Therefore, knowing that Russia would have to invest much more in distribution and transportation infrastructures I would expect such costs to be reflected in their pricing model.

Finally, the recent legislative debate concerning oil drilling, especially in deep-sea locations, is extremely interesting and stimulating to me. I believe that these tactics are extremely detrimental to our natural environment (as evident from the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico) and should be prohibited. And while I understand that there is a short-term need for these facilities and the energy and jobs they currently provide, I definitely think that our country (along with the rest of the world) should discourage these practices and wean our way off these risky fuel sources. With the modern advancements in clean, safe and sustainable fuel and energy sources, there should be no need for these environmentally harmful methodologies in the future.

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