Energy Policy and the Global Essay

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The best way, therefore, for nations to improve the energy security, and for the global community to do the same, is to find ways of moving toward innovative and sustainable energy production methods. For generations, wealthy industrial nations such as the United States have resisted the need for such innovation because oil production has represented such a critical part of the nation's economic structure. This resistance, however, is substantially to blame for the current crisis of both environment and economy.

To date, U.S. energy security policy has been highly flawed, specifically given its dependency on unstable regimes in regions like the Persian Gulf. According to Hayward (2013), however, the U.S. has recently revised its approach to improving energy security and has begun to remove itself from reliance on unstable sources. According to Hayward, "most of the drop in total U.S. risk in 2012 was related in one way or another to greater unconventional oil and natural gas output and moderating energy prices." (p. 1)

This strategy still suggests that U.S. is hesitant to invest thoroughly in alternative, green or renewable energy. By countries, there are some developing nations who may actually come out as winners in a new global energy economy. According to Leahy (2013), "emerging economies such as Mexico and India are shifting energy investments into renewable resources while industrialised countries hesitate, noted two new United Nations reports." (p. 1)

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Because developing nations are less resistant and far less entrenched in corporate interests than are developed nations, they may actually be in a better position to lead the way to a sustainable energy economy.

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Essay on Energy Policy and the Global Assignment

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