Energy Sources Essay

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Newly developed mining techniques for this resource such as fracking have demonstrated that this resource may not be as viable as it once was however.

Battery power is very prevalent energy source that I use on a very consistent basis. This renewable source allows my smartphone to work. The battery is ultimately charged with electricity that comes from the power plant nearly my home which is powered by a combination of sources including nuclear power. Nuclear energy is very powerful but very dirty and many risks are involved with this power source as demonstrated by recent power plant meltdowns in Japan and Russia.

To reduce the strain on the environment and maximize my personal energy consumption changes are necessary. Swanson (2005) wrote "many of the appliances in our homes are extremely inefficient and antiquated. If we simply take a little time to look at our habitats of energy use and make a few changes, we can have a dramatic effect on our personal energy consumption. " She is basically suggesting that individual responsibility is necessary in order for any significant improvement can be made on a larger scale. It all begins with the individual's choice of becoming more efficient.

There are many tools that can help track, and then eventually identify opportunities for savings. Monitoring devices and energy trackers can help produce information that will lead us t make more effective decisions regarding this problem. Hertzog (2011) seemed to agree with this approach: "The benefits of a new value model for energy consumption data can directly accrue to individuals, communities, businesses, and achieve environmental and energy security objectives too. "

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To conclude, there are three ways in which I can begin to make a difference:

1. Understand exactly how much energy I am using.

2. Detect ways in which the energy can be saved.

3. Implement and consistently employ these practices.


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Essay on Energy Sources Energy Is a Assignment

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