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Hydrogen Fuel

In the later part of the 20th century, most especially after the 1960s and more concern about ecology, environmental consequences, and the state of the World, alternative fuel technologies began to be studied in earnest. Some have hypothesized that the idea of utilizing alternative fuel methods were being studied as early as World War II, some even prior to that as the age of the automobile arose in the 20s and 30s in more developed countries (Gibilisco, 2006). Numerous technologies abound in search for clean fuel: electricity, natural gas, hydrogen and fuel cells. Each, of course, has its own adherents and detractors, each has a specific idea of why it is the "best" technology is, and why it should be utilized, and, each has its own bias. One thing that is probably clear, however, it will be more of a combination of these technologies that will be most effective in the short-term, rather than putting the fuel "eggs all in one basket" (Alternative Energy Institute, introduction).

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Hydrogen, as fuel, is available now, but will need to become mass produced in order to become cost effective -- which is quite true of all these technologies. For at least 30 years, research has been ongoing on hydrogen power for cars. Of all the technologies, hydrogen offers a "zero emission technology" -- and the only byproduct from the car is water vapor ( However, one of the biggest disadvantages of hydrogen cars is the way that the hydrogen is produced -- currently, those methods use a substantial amount of pollution, like carbon dioxide, to produce the fuel. Essentially, this means that the production of the fuel cells uses at least, and maybe more, energy and produces pollution, as current gasoline engines (Swain, 2007).

TOPIC: Term Paper on Energy and Energy Sources Assignment

One idea postulates that Nanotechnology will have a big impact on environment. It can help to clean the air from pollution and nuclear residues through nano-sized particles of carbon atoms. Nanotechnology's ability to recycle water to any source for any use can save huge amount of water and allow the use of presently unusable water resources. The harnessing of photosynthesis, the mechanism by which plants derive their energy, is hoping to become a reality as researchers continue to search for alternative sources of energy. The idea is to create artificial systems that exploit the basic chemistry of photosynthesis in order to produce hydrogen, or other fuels, for both engines and electricity. Hydrogen burns cleanly, yielding just water and energy. There is… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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