Energy and Its Sources Essay

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Even though there are several environmental problems associated with the increased use of fossil fuels, they continue to be popular. They are attractive because they are available and apparently inexpensive making them to be considered as marvelous energy sources. Moreover, fossil fuels are attractive because people have learnt to use them very effectively as they entail relatively simple technology. Actually, they are apparently easy to use because they only require a simple direct combustion in order to generate energy.

Alternatives to Fossil Fuels:

As fossil fuels are associated with environmental problems like urban air pollution, climate change, and acid deposition, there are various alternatives to these energy sources. Some of these alternatives include nuclear power, solar, biomass, geothermal and hydropower sources of energy. Solar energy is a renewable energy source that is linked to the exploitation of the sun's current emissions of heat and light. While there are various types of technologies to achieve this, solar power is classified into active, passive, and photovoltaic solar. Active solar is Solar energy that is directly converted in the application state whereas passive solar is power obtained without any mechanical means and photovoltaic solar is conversion of solar radiation into electricity by using photovoltaic cells.

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Hydropower is the use of the force of moving water to generate electricity and includes various forms of water power like tidal power and waterwheels. The hydroelectric power plants are made up of water turbines that convert energy from flowing water into mechanical energy. This is followed by the conversion of the mechanical energy into electricity or electrical energy through an electric generator.

TOPIC: Essay on Energy and Its Sources Energy Assignment

The main advantage of these alternative energy sources over fossil fuels is that they don't contribute to environmental problems associated with fossil fuels. Furthermore, hydro-electric power plants have simpler designs as compared to some conventional fossil fuel stations like coal-fired stations. Similar to solar energy, hydro-electric power is a renewable energy source unlike the fossil fuels that are non-renewable. However, these alternatives are not exploited like fossil fuels because their technologies are relatively expensive. Hydropower energy is resource-limited in several countries worldwide while the power produced by solar energy is intermittent (Judkins, Fulkerson & Sanghvi, n.d.). This is despite of the fact that the demands for these energy sources has continued to grow throughout the world.


Energy is an important element in daily life since it makes humans work to an extent that there is no work without energy. Despite of the existence of several forms of energy, energy conversion is a common aspect of this element in its use. While fossil fuels have continued to be the most common energy source across the globe regardless of the environmental problems associated with them, there are relatively expensive and complex alternatives.


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