Energy Speech Renewable Research Proposal

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Energy Speech

Renewable Energy Now

There is no question that we need to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, both by developing alternative technologies and by reducing our energy usage overall. The most common argument heard for making these developments is the increasing evidence of global warming and other climate changes believed to be consequences of carbon emission from human activities. It is true that polar ice is meting at a faster rate than ever recorded and that a general warming trend has been observed over the last century. It is less clear that carbon emissions from the use of carbon-based fossil fuels in factories, cars, and other innovations of the industrial age is the cause of this warming trend, and many of opponents of the global warming theory use this to justify their continued unchecked consumption through such purchases as sports utility vehicles and a general lack of effort to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. Although the evidence that there is a human basis for global warming is extensive and growing, it must be acknowledged that there is not, as yet, a proven link between the two.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Research Proposal on Energy Speech Renewable Energy Now There Is Assignment

Why, then, is it important that we increase our efforts at developing technologies that provide renewable sources of energy and reduce our general energy use altogether? If the major consequence of burning fossil fuels that we have been so often warned about -- the gradual warming of the Earth's climate, leading to the faster destruction of certain ecosystems and perhaps heralding future destruction -- is not really a threat, why shouldn't we continue to use the cheap energy afforded by burning fossil fuels? Is there something inherently wrong with consumption? The answer to this last question is a matter of debate, but from a utilitarian perspective the answer would have to be no; consuming on its own does not really do any harm, and if carbon emissions are not… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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