Enforcement and Compliance Dealing With the Homeland Security and the City of Naples Airport Authority Research Proposal

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Naples Airport

The City of Naples Airport: Security Standard Enforcement

Key business tasks supported

The City of Naples is located in Florida and attracts a diverse array of travelers for both business and recreation. For this reason, the Florida State Legislature commissioned in 1969 for the creation of the City of Naples Airport Authority and, consequently, for the Authorities development and administration of the Naples Municipal Airport. (Naples Municipal Airport, 1) Constituted of members appointed from within the Naples community by four-year terms, the Authority is the key agency responsible for attending to the business tasks support by the organization and by the project here considered.

Particularly, as a traveling hub, its business tasks include the management and maintenance of a large facility which connects airlines, air travel vessels, taxiing services, tram transports and luggage trolleys through a series of terminals and gates. The primary operational purpose of the airport is to assure that customers are given a facility which is navigable, safe, friendly, secure, convenient, punctual and efficient, specifically with respect to moving customers to and from their destinations.

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With new technological opportunities have come new security demands, both simultaneously demanding constant enhancement and protective improvement from the threat of unwanted intrusion. To the point, the threat of terrorist attack, financial indiscretion or general hacking and disruption of the airport are deeply implicated in the increased reliance of the modern airport on Information Technology solutions for improving flight information and reliability. Therefore, the improvements which are dedicated to security measures must be channeled particularly to areas relating to information technology, for the safety of airline passengers, airport employees and surrounding communities.

Research Proposal on Enforcement and Compliance Dealing With the Homeland Security and the City of Naples Airport Authority Assignment

Key business users supported

This speaks to the key business users that are supported by such measures. Indeed, the intention of improving security at access points through heightened information technology measures means an improved convenience of check-in for flying passengers, who would be considered the primary stakeholder. As reports from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) demonstrate, there is also an importance in the construction of security measures impacting the community surrounding the airport. The structure of the Authority as comprised by representatives appointed from throughout the community is intended to answer to this demand. And as airport employees will most predominantly preside over the changes instituted by it-based security improvements, it will be instrumental that they are supported and consulted in the institution of such solutions.

Describe the general architecture

The Naples Airport possesses in some ways a more modest task than many airlines struggling with the same security issues, insofar as it is reported at roughly 732 acres. This makes it a more manageable space than many international airports of proportional traffic. With only two runways, its air traffic control and runway security measures are manageable in human terms. Still, the staffing capacity is proportionally modest, with the structure being managed by roughly employees in total.

Products utilized

The modest number of acting employees helps to underscore the value of utilizing it products to enhance security measures and convenience simultaneously. Here, the institution of computer terminal-based check-in for flyers, for instance, has helped to shift the focus of time spend pre-boarding in security rather than check-in. This not only extends the amount of time devoted to security but manages simultaneously to reduce the overall amount of time spent waiting in line or being processed before boarding.

Business decisions driving the decision for a data warehouse (NOT APPLICABLE)

Key business objectives

The key business objectives demonstrated by the research here are to maintain a safe standard of flying while offering a convenient and pleasant atmosphere for flyers who are arriving to or departing from Florida through Naples. The security objectives are particularly highlighted by the language used in an agreement between the Airport Authority and the federal TSA, which states that "the United States of America, the State of Florida and the City of Naples are vulnerable to a wide array of disasters which include disasters caused by terrorist acts; and WHEREAS, the City recognizes the need to improve the security of all airports" it would assume a cooperation in taking efforts to improve security through it measures. (Norman, 1)

Expected benefits

Benefits to cooperation in this effort would include the assistance of federal personnel in the training of personnel, the assimilation of new security policies and the staffing of airports, key check points, and where deemed necessary, airline vessels. Additional benefits are the reduction of security threats which cause flight delays, cancellations or diversion of airline personnel as well as the reduction of false-alarm security observations.

Training/education was required

Training for improved security will center both on the implementation of new technologies, the integration of new check-in measures with standard operating procedures and the integration of new procedural protocol.

Outside services used during the implementation

The heightened demands placed upon all airports in the early part of the 2000s to begin to improve both employee standards and the security access applying to employee entrance are demonstrated by a 2000 report by the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE). Accordingly, the report would cite that the Naples Airport Authority, the agency charged with administration of the airport and its service to its intended functions, was in search of outside consultation for improvement in these specific areas. Intended to strengthen the relationship between internal Information Technology solutions and broader security concerns, the Authority was reported to be seeking "statements of qualifications from qualified firms or individuals with proven experience capable of providing professional consulting services at Naples Municipal Airport for the improvement of existing security and gate card access system to meet current and future TSA 1542 compliance requirements for a Part 139 commercial air service facility." (AAAE, 1)

From YOUR perspective, was the project a success?

To date, all evidence suggests that project to have been a success, with no major incidences concerning a breach of security and no reported problems in meeting federal standards. To the point, a valuable resource in evaluating the airport's success can be seen in the Enforcement & Compliance History Online (ECHO) which reports on the recent history of compliance with federal standards for the Naples Airport as well as a catalogue of fines and penalties levied upon it. At present, the report states that the airport has never failed to meet all standards of compliance and has never received a penalty or a fine for failure to enhance and maintain modern and effective security measures.

If the system went down for three hours, what kind of 'pain' would the company feel?

Frequently, the best way for an organization to gauge the outcome of system-wide failures is to monitor consumer responses to such experiences. The complex, taxing and often meteorologically effected responsibilities of managing an airport and its myriad independently operating airlines, security teams and consumer opportunities means that a system-wide failure for a duration of three-hours would be critical and disastrous. The various responsibilities which are incumbent upon an airports information technologies means that a three hour disruption would leave security conditions a severely compromised situation. Particularly with the integration of newer TSA standards requiring the improvement of computerized security access scenarios, the ability to retain a wall against undue security breaches would be difficult to maintain.

This is only the most significant of a wide array of pains that would be caused by such a disruption, including the danger of losing traffic control information and the ability to communicate crucial data to crews in flight, the certainty of heavy delays and probable flight cancellations, the loss in literally millions of dollars in daily revenue and the threat of loss of crucial data concerning passengers, flights, vessels and airlines in either the immediate or the long-term.

Passengers, according to the source published by Airline Quality.com, have typically complained of the confusion and… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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