Engaging in Regular Tourism Experiences Book Report

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Modern lifestyle also lends to a lack of motivation and desire to engage in recreational activities like travel. Greg, a male aged 30, answered with this response, 'I just don't like planning activities. I just don't have enough money to travel. I'd rather sit at home and watch TV'. When there is lack of motivation in doing something, there will be no positive change apparent in the individual towards something as beneficial as regular tourism experiences. David (Male, 32), Eric (Male, 29), John (Male, 40) all state they would rather eat, sleep, or watch some form of entertainment than travel. The above responses demonstrate how significant motivation as a reason to not engage in regular tourism experiences.

The third reason, "work constraint" can be another major reason for married to not travel. Steffen (Male, 31), Duncan (Male 53), Robert (Male, 27) and Alonso (Male, 32), all highlighted the amount of work they have keeps them from engaging in regular tourism experiences. One response from Robert, covered the overall pattern. 'I work around 8-10 hours a day. I wake up early, I go to sleep late. I am just too overworked to do anything else.' As society still considers men the 'bread winners' (Ross, 2013, p.97), they feel extra pressure to maintain the household financially. This leads to overexertion at work and lack of time for anything else. "Major themes for barriers included family responsibilities, guilt, lack of support, scheduling constraints, and work" (Mailey, Huberty, Dinkel & Mcauley, 2014, p. 1).

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As regard to the second research question, there are three reasons for women that prevent them from engaging in regular tourism experiences:

1. family constraints

2. lack of time

3. lack of energy

Book Report on Engaging in Regular Tourism Experiences Assignment

Married women often put aside many things in order to take care of their families, namely exercise and recreational activities. "As the time availability perspective suggests, work and family roles curtail time for exercise" (Nomaguchi & Bianchi, 2004, p. 413). Family constraints play a big role in lack of travel because women are typically the ones that take care of children. If the children cannot travel with them, they often feel guilty as shared by Melissa (Female, 20), Stacy (Female, 23), Michelle (Female, 31), Kimberley (Female, 36), and Nastasha (Female, 22) would be the reasons why married women do not participate in regular physical exercise. A key response from Rachel (Female, 29) highlights the overall feel, 'I feel guilty going traveling if my kids aren't with me. I need to see them have fun too'.

Similar to men, women also recognize they lack time to do things like engage in regular tourism experiences. Women have to work, maintain the household and take care of the children. This leads to scheduling conflicts and lack of time. This also leads to another key reason, lack of energy. Jamie (Female, 42) explains she worked five days a week and has 2 children to care for, leaving hardly any time for herself, let alone a vacation. Without someone there to take care of the children or have options for children to be included in the traveling plans, women interviewed feel as though they could not engage in regular tourism experiences.


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