Engineering Code of Ethics Asme. ) Annotated Bibliography

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Engineering Code of Ethics

ASME. (2012). Code of Ethics of Engineers. Accessed 18 June 2012 from:

This source is the current version of the ethical code of conduct of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). The ASME Engineering Code of Ethics of Engineers is organized into ten Fundamental Cannons encompassing three Fundamental Principles: (I) using their knowledge and skill for the enhancement of human welfare; (II) being honest and impartial, and serving with fidelity their clients (including their employers) and the public; and (III) striving to increase the competence and prestige of the engineering profession.

The ten canons of ASME engineering ethics code relate to the following concepts: (1) public safety, health, and welfare; (2) limitation of work to areas of competence and fair competition; (3) continual professional development and promotion of ethical development in subordinates; (4) professionalism and conflicts of interest; (5) proprietary information confidentiality; (6) reputable associations; (7) objectivity in public statements and respect for the profession; (8) environmental impact and sustainability; (9) good faith in seeking sanctions against other engineers; and (10) commitment to applicable formal rules and policies and to disclosure of knowledge of related violations by others.

Non-Engineering Ethics Sources

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Anderson, S., Ling, P., and Pollay, R. (2006). "Taking Ad-vantage of Consumers:

Advertising Light Cigarettes: Reassuring and Distracting Concerned Smokers."

Social Science & Medicine, Vol. 63, No. 8 (2006): 1973-1985.

TOPIC: Annotated Bibliography on Engineering Code of Ethics Asme. (2012). Code Assignment

This source is an article that appeared in the peer-reviewed journal, Social Science & Medicine. It detailed the various approaches used by tobacco companies to market cigarettes to consumers by inventing meaningless distinctions supposedly corresponding to the reduction of medical risks and consequences of smoking cigarettes. The authors explain the practical uselessness of concepts such as "low-tar" products. One of the most important revelations in the article pertained to the manner in which cigarette companies exploited the weaknesses in government-funded testing of tar and nicotine yields in cigarettes marketed as "low yield."

Specifically, the tobacco manufacturers deliberately manipulated the placement of the holes in the filters to increase outside air circulated into the cigarette when the cigarettes were being tested by mechanical "smoking" machines. Those holes reduced the concentration of smoke during mechanical tests but not when smokers smoked them because they were designed to be placed in the areas that smokers almost always cover with their fingers, completely negating any reduction in yield because smokers prefer to buy higher yield cigarettes.

Boje, D. "Nike, Greek Goddess of Victory or Cruelty? Women's Stories of Asian Factory

Life." Journal of Organizational Change Management, Vol. 11, No. 6 (1998):

461 -- 480.

This source is an article that appeared in the peer-reviewed Journal of Organizational Change Management. It details the many ways that workers were exploited and abused in the factories and plants producing some Nike products overseas. By the time the article was written, Nike had begin implementing sweeping changes in its policy by requiring overseas companies and facilities to comply with employment condition standards that are standard in the United States. This marked a complete reversal of Nike's previous response to ethical criticism of arguing that every sovereign foreign nation maintains its own laws, public policies, and social norms… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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