Societal Effects of Genetic Engineering Ethics Essay

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Using such intelligence given by God is good but not at the expense of using it on humans (Wulf, 2004). It is not right for Christian to create embryos from scratch because it may seem like you’re mocking God and want to be his co-creator. According to bioethics, holding an individual from their potentials by altering their genetics can make them become less capable. Genetic engineering used in turning humans into slaves by altering their genetic code is considered unethical.

Guiding Future Engineering Decisions

My position of viewing Genetic engineering (cloning) as unnatural and causing problems and creating birth defects would be useful in Guiding future engineering decisions. This can be done by being an activist of negative genetic engineering (VORST, 1998). My position can also help ensure ethics are considered before and during using genetic engineering. Law enforcement should be on people using this technology to create biological weapons. Monitoring of scientists’ work to ensure the benefit of genetic engineering outweighs its negative impacts on society.


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If you were to argue “against” or “criticize” the position I have taken, my argument would be based on genetic engineering’s negative impacts being serious than how it can benefit us. Diseases such as birth defects and infertility of the genetically engineered individuals are something irreversible (VORST, 1998). I would respond to these arguments by ensuring there is control of the use of genetic engineering. I would also ensure ethics is always applied when it comes to using genetic engineering. People who use this technology as a biological weapon against society should be convicted and harsh actions are taken on them.

Expected Changes

Essay on Societal Effects of Genetic Engineering Ethics Assignment

There are several expected changes in the practice of engineering if all engineers adopted the position I have taken. Some of the changes include making an ethical debate on genetic engineering practice. This can help ensure only those outcomes that cannot cause adverse effects to humans and the environment are used. They could also set proper limits to human experimentation. This can reduce the chances of humans being experimented on using harmful procedures. They would also call policymakers to intervene so that ethics can be considered when it comes to genetic engineering.


Some of the benefits I see for society if engineers held consistently and tightly to my position are zero cases of unethical human experiments (VORST, 1998). The society could also experience a reduced number of birth defects and adverse effects that come along with genetic engineering such as allergic reactions. The society would also be protected from biological terrorism.


There would be some drawbacks if engineers held consistently and tightly to your position. Some of them include the emergence of racial discrimination on the basis of genetics, parents who are unable to bear children will remain childless for good hence no continuation of their lineage (VORST, 1998). Not engaging in genetic cloning would also mean that the disease prevalence within society will be high.


Despite all current concerns on genetic engineering, further research and testing will be needed to educate the society on both its advantages and disadvantages. This technology will continue presenting challenges for ethicists and scientists in the 21st century especially when it comes to the handling of ethical issues. With cloning breakthroughs, there is an unpredictable changing of human characteristics. Therefore, there is an anticipation of discussions and debates on new life forms emanating medicine.

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