Research Paper: Engineering Ethics and Morality Related

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[. . .] It happened soon after the shuttle's conclusion of its 28th mission. According to some reports, the disaster occurred due to a damage which was sustained during the launch when a small part of foam insulation having the size of a little briefcase broke away from the external tank of the space shuttle, this debris struck the left wing's leading edge which damaged the TPS (thermal protection system). When Columbia was still in orbit, this fault was pointed out by some of the engineers but NASA refused to do anything about it. Therefore it can be concluded that if swift action was taken soon after knowing about this incident then all of this loss would have been prevented, although some blame poor engineering as the cause, the main reason is often deemed to be more ethical rather than technical.

Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster

It is a series of nuclear meltdowns, equipment failures and the release of harmful radioactive materials from the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant. Although the primary cause of this disaster is technical one but the human error in all of this scenario can not be neglected. It was observed that the main damage to the power plant occurred because of the tsunami that hit the plant site soon after the earthquake. Here, it was the responsibility of the engineers working at the plant to make it safe from every possible known disaster and the factor of tsunami was largely ignored by everyone working at the site. If the engineers would have studied the outcomes of different disaster events in more detailed form from the start then all of this would have been avoided.

Nicoll Highway collapse

This highway collapse occurred on 20th April 2004 at Singapore when an under construction tunnel used by trains collapsed. The investigations regarding the collapse started immediately after the incident. The findings of these investigations concluded that the main cause of collapse was due to the inability of the retaining wall to handle stress. Four workers died because of this incident, on the ethical ground if the engineers would have studied the site in more detail and used more reliable raw material for the construction of the retaining wall then all of this could have been easily avoided.

Willow Island disaster

It is regarded as the biggest construction disaster in American history, the Willow disaster was due to the collapse of an under construction cooling tower at a power station. It resulted in the death of 51 workers. One of the main reason for this disaster was the unusual scaffold construction, others included missing bolts and the availability of only a single access ladder. If the engineers would have given more attention in doing proper scaffold construction then all of this disaster could have been avoided.

Tenerife disaster

It is the most deadly disaster in the history of aviation which resulted in the deaths of 583 individuals. Here two airplanes collided with each other as a result of a series of unfortunate events involving bomb threats, bad weather and so on. According to various investigations, the major damage occurred due to the lack of proper communication between the two entities therefore if the engineering mechanism there would have been able to support proper communication then this would have been avoided.


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