Research Proposal: English as 2nd Language Learning New Languages

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English as 2nd Language

Learning new languages are fun and interesting but they can be difficult as well. Through language, we can also get a glimpse of a society's culture and structure. English, as a language, eases our communication process and bridges global barriers. These are some of the importance of learning English.

For those who are not native speakers of this language, there are certain difficulties and areas of ease that can be encountered.

In my case, one of my strengths in writing in English as my second language is my thorough understanding of the grammatical structure or syntax of this language. I find my lessons in grammatical structure very interesting which makes it easier to understand. Subsequently, writing with correct grammatical structure can be met with ease.

However, there are certain areas which I found difficult with the English language. Firstly, the vastness of the English vocabulary makes it difficult for me… [END OF PREVIEW]

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