English Literature - Argument the Importance Term Paper

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English Literature - Argument


Being able to read and write fluently is an asset no matter what job one gets. Therefore, vocational-technology colleges should require demonstrated college-level proficiency in English."

Among vocational technology students, there exists a belief by many that college- level proficiency in English is not required for professional success. They consider

English fluency comparatively unimportant in highly mechanical fields in relation to their technical skills and sometimes react to college writing requirements as wastes of their time, since their vocational training and experience will determine their value in the job market and not their English writing ability. While it is true that their primary course of study is the technical training, these students are mistaken as to the value of English literacy and the consequences of failing to achieve a working fluency in the spoken language. Likewise, they may never again be required to compose a researched essay assignment once they secure employment in their chosen field, but they will almost certainly encounter situations at work that require them to use some of the basic writing skills that mandatory college writing classes are designed to instill. By that time, it will be too late for them to acquire the skills necessary to present themselves in the best professional light and to avoid the negative consequences associated with failing to achieve English language fluency and basic writing proficiency.

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The Cost of Illiteracy in the Professional Environment: Psychologists have long-known the importance of making a good first impression in human interactions and relations (Gerrig & Zimbardo 2005). In professional life, the opportunity to make a good or bad first impression begins before one is even hired. More specifically, there are many more ways of making a bad first impression during the interview and hiring phase than there are opportunities of making a good first impression.

TOPIC: Term Paper on English Literature - Argument the Importance of Assignment

Nowadays, even relatively small businesses maintain Human Resource departments responsible for all the routine matters normally associated with hiring new employees: they administrate employee health insurance plans and very often provide new employee orientation programs. Many of those functions require standard forms which must be filled out by all prospective hires and new employees. Whereas filling out employment application forms and resume synopses properly will not substantially strengthen an applicant's candidacy, completing those forms with elementary spelling errors and bad punctuation and grammar will almost always hurt one's chances to be hired.

Certainly, prospective applicants who are technically unqualified for a position cannot make up for their lack of ability or experience by simply writing well enough to avoid any mistakes in their application paperwork. On the other hand, those who do will always have a definite advantage over similarly qualified or experienced applicants who turn in application packets filled with misspellings and basic English grammar errors (Jordan, Hyden & Steinauer 1994).

The interview and hiring phase is hardly the last time that English proficiency matters in technical fields. Technicians whose work requires regular contact with customers have the opportunity to make a good first impression or a bad first impression in every appointment. More importantly, instead of representing only themselves, once in the field, they now represent their employers as well. Ordinarily, most companies who employ field technicians routinely solicit feedback from customers about their experiences, including their rating of the technicians' ability to communicate. Even more importantly, verbal miscommunication on-site can result in serious errors where the technician fails to communicate important questions accurately or misunderstands much of what customers say. Even technicians who do not work directly with customers on a regular basis still report to supervisors. It is not uncommon for technical supervisors to require written narratives of completed assignments and detailed descriptions of difficulties encountered and solutions implemented. Poorly written internal documentation may not make the difference between a report that is understandable to one's supervisor and one that is completely incomprehensible, but it cannot help but affect the impression on the part of the supervisor toward the employee. In fact, "communication skills" is one of the primary criteria used by management to select employees with perceived management potential (Russell-Walling 2005). Presumably, like other professionals, most technical employees hope to achieve some degree of professional advancement within their organization. In that regard, the main difference between those who eventually manage to sustain an upwardly mobile professional career track and those who remain field technicians for their entire careers is their ability to… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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