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" http://caxton.stockton.edu/browning/stories/storyReader$8

Barret made use of his intelligence and techniques of writing to help his husband in his literary work. Due to the involvement of his wife and her ideas numerous poems were written and developed which are counted amongst the top listers of Robert Browning's poems. His mastery of dramatic monologue is also one of the positive attributes of Robert's character and his style of writing the poems were based on the talent of writing dramatic monologues.


The paper has viewed the details and information regarding one of the most renowned poets of the English literary society who is known as Robert Browning. Although he was a son of a clerk yet he developed his interest in writing and finally earned a rank and an unmatchable status in the English literary society." Robert Browning (1812-1889) was the son of a clerk in the Bank of England, and was brought up with his only sister Sarianna in Camberwell in South-East London; benefiting from his father's 6000 volume library. His first published poem, 'Pauline' appeared anonymously in 1833 and attracted little attention; and he developed his prose style mainly through writing for the stage. He began corresponding with Elizabeth Barrett in Jan 1845 after reading a book of her poems, and finally eloped to Italy to marry her in Sept 1846 (they later had one child). They stayed in Italy until Elizabeth's death in 1861. On his return to England his reputation grew; though he never reached the commercial heights of his contemporary Tennyson. Browning died in Venice and is buried in Westminster Abbey." http://www.firstscience.com/SITE/poems/browning1.aspBuy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on English Literature. Robert Browning. Before Assignment

The paper has viewed the various aspects of the Browning poems and according to which can be concluded that Robert Browning's poetry are an example of his excellence imagination power, his power of creative writing and his mastery writing dramatic monologues. All these attributes combined and gave rise to the poems of Robert Browning, which are even remembered by the readers, even today. Poems of Robert are appreciated because of the quality of writing and because of poet's intelligence which he has inserted in these poems." Robert Browning has never been a poet for the casual or lazy reader. Among his contemporaries, even admirers lamented his obscurity, and the barbs of hostile reviewers were a frequent source of annoyance for the poet. Browning has usually been regarded as an impersonal poet. It is often pointed out that after John Stuart Mill said that Browning's early poem, PAULINE, showed a morbid state of self-worship, Browning resolved not to write such personal poetry again" http://www.cswnet.com/~erin/rb4.htm

All in all, it can be said that Robert Browning was an excellent poet and he was one of the most renowned famous poets of 1880's.He develop his passion of writing and finally, after so many years he gained a rank and status which cannot be replaced by any other Robert Browning.

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