Enhancing Systems Security in an Organization Term Paper

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Managing Vulnerability With Countermeasures of Physical Security

Managing Vulnerability Using Countermeasures of Physical Security

Organizations are not immune to risks and uncertainties. Risks affect the overall management of operations in an organization. It reduces the efficiency of organizational activities because most of the resources are directed towards managing, containing, and transferring the risk. This necessitates the adoption of effective risk management strategies that will allow organizations to manage the risk in the most cost effective ways. Risk survey is proven as one of the most essential strategies most organizations embrace in response to risk management. This entails gathering information related to the causative factors predisposing the organizations to risks. Therefore, this research paper discusses the modern countermeasures associated with physical security. In specific, the analysis will illuminate the issues associated with physical security like the role and effectiveness of on-site security personnel, countermeasures based on risk and vulnerabilities and ways of communicating priorities effectively to the stakeholders. In addition, the analysis will incorporate benefits associated with the modern countermeasures, risk management options, recovery and backup plans, and methods of evaluating the effectiveness of the adopted security program.

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Term Paper on Enhancing Systems Security in an Organization Assignment

Physical security poses a significant threat to most organizations globally. It affects the effectiveness of operations management across departments in an organization. One of the modern countermeasures associated with physical security is security surveys. Security surveys refer to the process of collecting information related to the threat and analysis for the establishment of the desired plans against a security threat. It provides information on "who," "what," "how," "where," "when," and "why" a problem exists in the organization. Security surveys eliminate vices such as fraud in the organization facilitating effective management of operations and reduction of losses. It maintains the productivity and sustainability of the organization in times of economic crises. Security surveys prevent crime losses that exceed the losses associated with accidents in an organization (Chapter 5 of Broder, & Tucker, 2011).

For a long time, larger organizations have considered physical security as a vital requirement for the growing business. This is no longer the case as larger sectors such as the government agencies, privately held companies, non- profit organizations and the publicly traded companies have embraced the need for the adoption of the physical security measures. In addition, the modern countermeasures associated with physical security are adopting strategies aiming at changing the attitude of businesses towards physical security. This entails creating awareness among the business managers/owners on the importance of protecting their businesses against unauthorized access. This is because; 75%-85% of the organizational losses occur due to unauthorized access by third parties.

In addition, the modern countermeasures associated with physical security have focused on empowering the responsibilities of the on-site security personnel. on-site security personnel have been provided with a wide range of activities including providing expert information on crime related losses incurred by a business. They conduct a detailed survey of the risks and threats facing the organization. They design security plans and ensure the existing plans are up-to date. This implies that, physical security ensures the development of an updated security plan that will enable the organization to respond to security threats. Besides, the on-site personnel perform other physical security related activities such as developing access control procedures required to protect the business to develop lock-key procedures, designing, supervising, and installing detection and anti-intrusion devices, and establishing a workplace violence program to respond to internal and external threats. Other roles of the security professional associated with the modern countermeasures of physical security include providing control over the movement of the employees and customers, reviewing, training and selecting security personnel and assisting in the development of disaster and emergency recovery plans.

Communicating priorities of the plan to the stakeholders to facilitate its adoption is another countermeasure of the physical security. Communicating the priorities associated with the physical security plan creates the need for urgent adoption among the stakeholders. As such, strategies such as establishing a meaningful dialogue with the stakeholders, create awareness among them. Communicating the importance of physical security to the stakeholders also entails the provision of factual data associated… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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