Enron With What Is Going Essay

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With what is going on now with the looming debt crisis and the continuous tug of war between Congress and the Executive Branch of the United States, I am not surprised or shocked at all with how the Enron executives and the accounting firm Arthur Andersen conducted themselves. Add to this is how those "top executives" of multinational companies contributed to the global financial recession that occurred in 2008. What they all have in common is cognitive dissonance where what they are doing is very much different from their beliefs. In Enron's case, the head honchos of the company were put at the helm to ensure business continuity and corporate resilience but through their greed, they ran the company to the ground. The same attitudes -- especially greed, were apparent during the financial collapse a couple of years ago and what is going on now with the tussle between the Executive and Legislative branches of the U.S. government.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Essay on Enron With What Is Going on Now Assignment

The implementation of the SOX Act following the Enron fiasco was a reactive legislation that served to "closed the barn door" after the horse has fled. Nonetheless, the law brought more stringent measures in accounting reporting and ensure that the big bosses of corporations are more accountable with their actions. As to full effectiveness, SOX may not have considered everything else since the same "captains of various industries" have repeated history with regards to the financial collapse of late. Thus, there should be additional laws that will guarantee that the Enron case and the financial crisis will and should never happen again. This may be easier said than done considering American political leaders and corporate executives are in the same bed together protecting each others' backs. But if we truly want real changes to ensure that the nation becomes great again, then it is high time real laws with teeth be ratified no matter who will be… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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