Essay: Entering the Great War

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¶ … promotes a series of ideals concerning the appearance a person needs to have in order to be considered 'perfect'. The fashion industry is actively involved in providing women from across the world with the feeling that to be beautiful means that they have to meet certain requirements. Models in the present promote a false image of beauty and go through a complex process involving make-up, exercise, harmful diets, and Photoshop before they appear in fashion photographs. This is why it is confusing for women to see that they have little to no results in spite of the fact that they go through great efforts in order to look like a model.

Fashion has come to encourage women to believe that beauty is in many cases more important than health. By simply looking at the typical requirements encountered in ads issued by supermodel agencies one is likely to observe that it would be difficult and almost impossible for a normal person to become a supermodel. "Unfortunately many girls, in order to look like a supermodel, need to develop an eating disorder." (Normadi & Roark 11) as a consequence, a great deal of women endangers their lives in order to look like a supermodel. Self-starvation is very common in the present as numerous women are obsessed with their weight and constantly feel that they're too fat.

Teenagers and young women are more vulnerable because they have the tendency to be easily influenced by individuals whom they interact with (Fletcher 42). The fact that many teens are likely to be 'imperfect' when considering things from society's perspective contributes to this issue and encourages them to take on attitudes that damage their physical and mental health. They can become obsessed with their appearance and do everything in their power in order to feel that they are socially acceptable. Conditions are critical in some cases where young… [END OF PREVIEW]

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