Enterprise Security Plan Proposal Research Proposal

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Enterprise Security Plan Proposal

The objective of this study is to develop an enterprise security plan proposal which covers the ten domains of Information Security Common Body of Knowledge and includes the elements of widely accepted categories of information security; information security and the principles of success; planning procedures towards those goals, security policy and standards taxonomy; and policies complying with HIPAA Security Rule Standards as well as other policies relevant to information security and privacy currently defined by local, state or other regulatory bodies.

Information Security traditionally meant protect of corporate specific information such as trade secrets and other company-specific information. However, in today's business environment data protection means much more as medical service and health care providers store huge amounts of patient data making information security concerns more important than ever before.

Ten Domains of Information Security Common Body of Knowledge

The ten domains of information security common body of knowledge include the domains stated as follows:

(1) Security management practices;

(2) Access control systems and methodology

(3) Telecommunications and networking security

(4) Cryptography

(5) Security architecture and models

(6) Operations security

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(7) Application and systems development security

(8) Physical security

(9) Business continuity and disaster recovery planning

(10) Laws, investigation, and ethics. (American Health Information Management Association, 2011)

II. Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability

TOPIC: Research Proposal on Enterprise Security Plan Proposal Assignment

Forming what is known as the CIA Triad are the tenets identified as confidentiality, integrity and availability reported as the measures by which security practices are tested. Primary security issues are reported to include those stated as follows: (1) Feasibility of System: Identification of the requirement for security, policies and standards; (2) Requirements for Software Plans: Identification of Vulnerabilities, threats and risks. Planning adequate protection and completion of cost-benefit analysis. (3) Design of product: security specifications planning in design of product including access, encryption and so forth; (4) Design detail: the security controls and relationships for users linked to needs of business and legal liabilities set out; (5) Coding: Development of security-related software code and documentation"; (6) Implementation: Security measures implemented and testing of software prior to roll-out of system; (7) Product Integration: testing of security measures written in system software and refinements; (8) Operations and Maintenance: Monitoring of security software for any threats, changes and testing or changes when needed. (American Health Information Management Association, 2011, paraphrased)

III. Information Security Architecture and Models

Three types of security models exist including the following stated models: (1) Access control -- common in health field enables organizations to identify users and classification of data for access or restriction is used; (2) Integrity: this model protects confidentiality and data integrity. This means unauthorized users cannot make changes to data or modify data; (3) Information Flow -- this model classifies information and it flows in a specific manner guided by policies and rules on security. (American Health Information Management Association, 2011, paraphrased)

IV. Operation Security Domains

The following operation security domains are reported in the work of the American Health Information Management Association -- HIM Body of Knowledge: (1) controls to prevent and decrease risk of unintentional errors and unauthorized users; (2) Monitoring to identify an error;(3) System that makes provision of duties being assigned to various personnel so that no one person has total control of the security measures; (4) Tracking… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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