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This is no different for the entertainment industry. Any employee within the industry needs to be part of a policy that cultivates their best talents and matches these to his or her talents.

Industry Employment and Policies

Deloitte Consulting (2009, p. 1) indicates an agreement among most industry leaders that the policy of nurturing and motivating high-performing employees is essential for survival in the business world. Part of this is ensuring that a good health and safety policy is in place

Health and Safety

One major problem among industry employees is sleep deprivation (Wexler, 2012). This is particularly so among behind-the-scenes employees, who tend o work long hours, up to more than 70 hours per week. Wexler points out that this is standard in the industry, where no opportunity for complaint exists. The competitive nature of the industry creates an environment within which workers have a choice of working the assigned hours or making room for others who are desperate to enter the industry.

This creates the potential for disaster, as seen in the case of Brent Hershman, whose accidental death as a result of sleep deprivation could have been prevented, according to Wexler. There is, however, no industry safeguards available for these employees.

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The Ontario Ministry of Labour (2013), on the other hand, suggests that policies for the mitigation of hazards are essential within the industry. Although the policy relates specifically to those working within live performances, the principle of safety awareness must surely hold for all within the industry. To be sufficiently aware of potential safety hazards, however, an employee should be sufficiently rested. Sleep deprivation is arguably the single highest safety risk in the industry.


TOPIC: Essay on Entertainment Industry Report A: Entertainment Assignment

In conclusion, for the entertainment industry to survive, policies and regulations need to be in place that protect workers, and by association their employers as well. With constant media attention and the immediacy of digital media, public outcry against unnecessarily dangerous working conditions will not go unheard. Hence, it is the responsibility of employers to ensure health and satisfaction for their employees in the industry. This would cultivate a sense of loyalty among employees, who will be more motivated to carry out their reciprocal obligations.


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