Should Entertainment Be Part of the News Broadcast Essay

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Entertainment and the News

Every time a celebrity dies, the media engages in a retrospective of his or her life. Every time there is a major natural disaster, the media shows footage of the preparation before the storm, the extremities of the event, and its tragic aftermath -- along with the obligatory interviews of locals. The reporter always asks seemingly foolish questions like: "Why are you outside during this blizzard?" There is also the familiar reporting of health and beauty trends: "Is Botox right for you -- and your teenager?" This causes many observers to cry out in protest, asking why the news is reporting such 'info-tainment' when there are so many serious issues pertaining to the suffering of people at home and abroad. There are too many complicated issues worthy of serious discussion and debate that people do not understand, such as healthcare. However, while it is true that the news has a responsibility to report upon newsworthy issues, it is unreasonable to ask news broadcasters not to use entertaining and persuasive techniques to communicate their messages to draw a wide and loyal audience.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Essay on Should Entertainment Be Part of the News Broadcast Assignment

A factual newscast that had a tiny audience would do little good to educate the public. Even National Public Radio (NPR), one of the most respected and objective sources of news in the nation still showcases humorous stories, including baking recipes for Mother's Day, and extended 'magazine-length' feature stories upon aspects of human life spanning from the arts to trends in marriage. Are these the most serious issues in America today? Probably not. However, viewers demand to hear stories that are relevant to their lives -- and when they do, they are more willing to stay tuned into the station when reporters begin to talk about Afghanistan or Iraq. Furthermore, despite protests that the news has degenerated in recent years, it is worth noting that great reporters have always engaged in entertaining 'stunts' to gain the attention of readers. Even Nellie Bly, long before television, pretended to… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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