Entomology of Village Life Essay

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¶ … Entomology of Village Life," there are different characters who are friends. There is Buddy and Colin who are great friends. Colin and Buddy encountered a scenario that made them witnesses in the essay. The two wanted to spend some time together and as the routine was, Buddy had come for Colin. Buddy would go to Colin's place, make noises around the trees, and scratch the dirt so that Colin could hear going around sniffing mole holes to raise attention and snapping at dandelions. When Colin heard all this and looked up, he saw Buddy standing stiff, and immediately heard a sound that was a moan. Colin jumped and the two looked at each other and they all heard the moan for the second time again. When they looked at the hooded graves, they barely saw anything. From the conversation they had, it was evident that they were thinking the moan came from the child spirits.

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As they were still there, they heard the moan again, and they decided to turn towards where the sounds came from. The writer started to move towards the sound, and asked Buddy to stay, Colin also stayed as they both agreed and obeyed the writer's commands. They waited for about ten seconds, and started to follow the writer, as they grumbled quietly not to provoke any distractions. As they moved, the earth was damp and there were a lot of crunchy leaves, but both the writer and his friends were small and had a good chance of sneaking through the barriers. As the writer and his friends neared the area they headed to, the moans became more clear and frequent. There was a ragged breathe from the same scene too, and the writer together with his friends reached a place where they could get a clear view.

Writer and his friends witness an event

TOPIC: Essay on Entomology of Village Life, There Are Different Assignment

It is at that time that the writer and his friends witnessed an occurrence. They actually saw a car that had spinners on the wheels. On the car was a dark-haired girl, who awkwardly straddled there. The witnesses also saw James who was Old Jake's grandson, trying to make the girl moan louder. The writer and his friends, therefore, witnessed a sexual scene between James and a girl, whose name they did not know. They witnessed James jerk up and down, and the entire scene lead Colin and the others to be extremely mesmerized. The friends, surprised, glanced at each other and moved quietly away from their viewing point. In my opinion, this event that made the writer and all his friends, including Colin and Buddy, is what amounts to witnessing.

What it means to be a witness

Those who witness an event, like the writer and his friends earlier discussed in the article, are those that gain evidence. A witness is a person, who has the ability to provide evidence in a court of law, regarding certain matters of fact. The witness is expected to be of sound mind, and to have encountered certain scenarios that allowed him/her to acquire certain knowledge and understanding over the rest. The witness is expected to testify of the actual events witnessed that in most cases assist in understanding the truth and making certain fundamental decisions. Witnesses are expected to give information that is clear, with no mistake and without any reasonable doubt. They are obligated to ensure the data/information they provide is helpful in finding the truth when there are certain hidden issues that need to be exposed.

My encounter with witnessing

In elementary school, there was a lot of cunning behavior among some of the students, who wanted to do mistakes and try to blame others. Being the most responsible student, who was always neat and did my assignment as required, I was mandated to be the class assistant, acting as the liaison between the class teacher and the students. I welcomed the appointment with gratefulness, regardless of the fact I was not sure whether I would perform, considering the number of naughty pupils in the class. Somewhere within the semester, there evolved a disturbing tendency where packed food was stolen when the other students were away in the field playing. Definitely, someone was stealing the food and it was getting worse, when about four students complained every day that their food was stolen whenever they went out.

The trap was set on one Saturday afternoon, when Amos, the tallest boy in the class, seemed to be uninterested with going for games, as the routine suggested. As the rest went for games, I watched Amos hide in a classroom next to ours, until everyone had disappeared to the field. I hid behind the jacaranda tree near our class, just to watch the suspect's actions. After about twenty minutes into the games session, Amos went out of the class he hid in, and tiptoed to our class where he quickly unzipped two bags and started eating the food he found there, not keen enough to realize I was at the window, watching every move he took. Mr. Royford, the teacher on duty was luckily passing by, and he was willing to give me his phone. I took pictures of Amos as he cowardly took the last bite of the delicious looking burger. The pictures were used against Amos, who later denied being the thief of the class. This was actually the best witnessing event I was involved in, and it is unforgettable too.

The impact of technological change (Internet)

The conceptualization of internet, which is the short form of international network, has seen rapid changes both in the economical, social and political scenes of many countries in the globe. The internet has had great impact in both the different institutions and organizations together with integrating change to specific individuals. Many controversies regarding the effects of internet on people's lives, and whether technology, in general, has an impact in shaping values, patterns of social behavior and perceptions and attitudes exist. The internet has effects on the society, which is the larger scope, but this article will address its effects on individuals.

To begin with, it is necessary to appreciate the fact that the internet has brought about many innovations, which are influential on all age sets including children, the youth and even the elderly. The impact is so large and there is great generation of ideas through the internet, allowing its users to change their patterns in the way they express themselves, the modes and channels of communication have changed because of the internet, and many people are now getting all the motivation they need from the internet. The globe is now experiencing an era on net-generation, where almost everyone is dependent on the internet to get information, entertainment, comfort, do shopping and run many other errands.

The effects of internet

The internet, as earlier mentioned, has many impacts on individuals. The internet has become an inherent part of the society, and everyone is becoming addicted to the internet. Individuals need to accept that they are the social actors of technology in the society, regardless of the fact that different persons interact differently to the internet. The extent of familiarity and access to the internet differs from an individual to another. The social relationships of people all over the world has been changed by the internet, leading to a change in social objectives and advanced relationship structures brought about by the different social networking platforms such as twitter and facebook.

Internet and communication

Internet has enabled better communications in the current times. Better communication means communication that is more efficient, accurate and extremely fast. The internet has greatly changed the mode in which information is received and responded to. By the use of emails and other message sending platforms enabled by the internet, geographical differences are no longer a barrier to communications. The mass media groups are in better position to acquire information freely, news producers are now running to the internet as their largest source of information, different organizations are now linked through internet networks and it is now easier for the press to acquire the public's opinion on certain matters. People are currently having a better chance to interact and get messages from all over the globe, without necessarily sending letters that are now outdated. The public can also respond to news through the social media platforms making news coverage more effective and efficient. The best part of it is that all this interaction can easily be handled in the comfort of one's home.

Internet and entertainment

Gone are the days when the movie theaters and picnics were the only places to go for when seeking relaxation and entertainment. With the internet connections on the computers and phones at home, one has the ability to reach so many entertainment sites, which are in most cases free and easy to download. Music and movies are currently located on the internet, internet users are in a position to watch what they want,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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