Env Design Anthropometry Physical Characteristics Term Paper

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Impact of winter coats on drivers)

2. For Standing Personnel

Center of gravity

Zone of convenient reach

Design of Work Surfaces

Horizontal work surfaces

Normal Area: "Area that can be conveniently reached with a sweep of the forearm while the upper arm hangs in a natural position to the side" (p. 432).

Maximum Area: "Area that could be reached by extending arm from shoulder" (p. 432)

Work Surface Height = height of upper surface measured from floor

Seated work surface height and arm posture (elbows at 90 degrees)

Seated work surface height and thigh clearance (accommodate thighs of largest user)

General Principles for Seated Work Surfaces

1. If possible, make it adjustable

2 Work surface level places working height at elbow height

3. Adequate thigh clearance

Standing work surface = similar principles (design for largest user; take into account elbow height)

General Principles of Seat Design

1. Promote lumbar lordosis (naturally concave shape); kyphotic (convex -- bad!)

2. Minimize disk pressure (unsupported sitting can create pressure)

3. Minimize static loading of back muscles (allow back to recline)

4. Reduce postural fixity (sitting in one position for long time)

**provide for easy adjustability -- can increase productivity in workplace! But must be easy to adjust

Guidelines for Making Adjustable FurnitureDownload full Download Microsoft Word File
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1. Controls are easy to reach

2. Labels, directions are easy to understand

3. Controls easy to locate, interpret

4 Tools not necessary

5. Controls provide immediate feedback

6. Logical, consistent controls

7. Few motions to use the controls

8. Adjustments require one hand only

General Chair Factors

Seat height, seat slope

Seat depth, seat width

Contouring and cushioning

TOPIC: Term Paper on Env Design Anthropometry Physical Characteristics Assignment

Seat back parameters (angle at min. 90-105 deg, up to 120 deg preferable)

Seat back width (12 in lumbar)

Seat back height

Lumbar support

Specific Seat Types and Design

Computer workstation -- reduce postural fixity

Multipurpose chairs

Chairs for reading, resting

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