Environment the 11th Hour (Film) Research Paper

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We are "all related" in the sense that all people come from the same "mother," which is earth (72)

The Indian way of life was in harmony with nature, built on respect for the earth and for people as well as for individual freedom (72).

Christian and European cultural hegemony has destroyed many Native American cultures (73)

However, it is not too late to return to more constructive Indian vision, which is more constructive and productive than the European model of consumerism and war (74).

People or Penguins

When discussing issues related to pollution, it is important to be specific instead of general (476).

It is possible to have a people-oriented version of pollution control and environmental activism, rather than preserving penguins "for their own sake" (477).

It is important to propose a people-centric vision because people are inherently selfish (477).

Generally, though, what is good for humans is also good for the environment and vice-versa because everything is connected (477).Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Research Paper on Environment the 11th Hour (Film): Assignment

When defining the objectives of environmentalism, it is important to define actual measures or levels of pollution that are acceptable: in other words, quantify it…
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