Environment Child Labor Has Received Essay

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Therefore Nike should use this opportunity to take immediate actions in order to provide the required remedy to the different activism it is now facing, if not, in the long run it can prove devastating for the image of their company. Generally, the entire truth about Nike is that its only real strength has remained on its good name. The reasons why Nike still rule is because of the good things that people associate the company with "Micheal Jordan, sharp advertisements, Little Penny, and Tiger Woods. But if child labor and beaten workers is added to that list then the greatest asset of Nike will be lost.

As per now the burden has been left on the company to do a better job to implement Nike's global standards of conduct and also to improve its openness to the media. The more they are involved in hiding what they do, the more people will continue to think that they are hiding something. Any individual who states that he or she is works for Nike, he gets a very good status symbol, However, what about if this individual is a 9-year-old child? What kind of image a consumer of these products or brands will have thinking that the company uses child labor?

Initiatives and corporate social responsibilities by Nike

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Nike through claims that it has made changes in its operation to prevent further child labor. The claims of Nike using young persons under the age of 16 in its contract factories is currently dealt with by excluding children from working in the factories and they are now paying a living wage to adult workers to benefit children in areas where Nike makes their goods like Pakistan. It has also worked on the issue of including non-government organizations in its factory monitoring, and these summaries of that monitoring continuously released to the public as a way of improving its monitoring program which did not exist before.

Essay on Environment Child Labor Has Received Assignment

Nike has expanded its workers education program, taking consideration of low wages that might make many workers never to afford giving up their overtime income in order to take these courses, by making high school equivalency courses free to all workers in most of their factories. Nike has also claimed to have taken initiative of expanding its micro-enterprise loan program to benefit thousands families that work with Nike that would allow them to live with dignity and forget to engage in child labor


Consumers are left with no option but to take immediate action that can eradicate child labor practices discharged by these multinational U.S. corporations. The only way to do this is by boycotting buying their products which they produce in the third world countries which they suspect to have been produced using child labor. Child labor is going against human right. Children should be left to grow free people, finding way of attending schools without falling in the trap of being held in bondage.


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