Environmental Biology: The Effects Term Paper

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Actions Taken to Prevent Ocean Pollution

The National Clean Water Action Plan was established in 1998 to provide a foundation for local, state, tribal, and federal governments to implement that would protect and restore the water resources of our nation. The four key components of the plan are the following goals:

watershed approach

Strong federal and state mandated standards

Natural resource stewardship

Informed citizens and officials through education resources

The plan identified the need for development of a multi-agency Coastal Research Strategy and a plan for a coordinated monitoring of coastal waters. These combined efforts led to the comprehensive report to the public and the development of educational materials for distribution.

This research produced efforts that targeted adult audiences who directly or indirectly make decisions that affect the national coastlines. The program provides information about pertinent resource issues to citizens, landowners, interest groups, and government officials involved with coastal management. Educational K-12 programs as well as providing hands-on experiences for students and teacher training. Curriculum has been designed for use in the classroom to teach and utilize these learned skills.

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The protection of reserves and wetlands has promoted coastal stewardship. Requirements for such reserves include for the establishment of facilities that will accommodate centers, classrooms, parking and restrooms. While some of the reserves continue to conduct or participate in agriculture, others just are strictly there for the land management and education. Techniques for addressing issues such as runoff and wastewater managements, erosion management, water pollutions, wetlands and watershed restoration are being implemented.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Environmental Biology: The Effects of Assignment

By working to correct these problems, drinking water supplies will become cleaner and healthier for human use as well as valuable food sources. The link between agricultural runoff and water-borne organisms that cause lesions and death in fish will occur on a smaller scale or become non-existent. Humans who come in contact with these polluted waters and affected fish can also experience harmful symptoms. Industries can reduce pollution by treating wastes to remove harmful chemicals before dumping the wastes into water. Using manufacturing processes that recover and reuse polluting chemicals can also reduce industrial wastes.

Many sewage treatment plants use three processes primary, secondary, and tertiary treatment. Primary and secondary treatment can remove up to ninety-five percent of the waste in sewage. Tertiary treatment removes even more impurities. Many plants use primary and secondary processes, and some use tertiary processes as well. However, most treated sewage still contains nutrients and toxic chemicals because secondary processes cannot remove them all. More research needs to be completed to learn how to implement technology that will successfully treat sewage that contains medical toxins that remain eventually find their way into the ocean's waters.

If all citizens and consumers would become of or were made aware of the severe ongoing problem of water pollution, everyone could contribute in ways to help clean up the water supply. However, without the proper initiative and education, this problem will go on ignored or overlooked and then only become worse.

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United States Department of Commerce of National Oceanic… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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