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[. . .] Hearing-impaired persons will appreciate a reduction of 'white noise' that further impairs their ability to listen (Kopec 2006: 174).

Geriatric populations

Even persons over the age of 80 can lead vibrant and active lives, and the environment must be orchestrated to allow them to accomplish daily tasks. Compensating, asking for help from others, restricting some activities and optimizing (planning the most effective way to perform the activity) are all ways for the elderly to cope with the challenges of aging (Kopec 2006: 175). Design improvements can better enable elderly persons to maintain an active lifestyle by compensating for age-related challenges, such as deterioration of balance (Kopec 2006: 176). Something as simple as an L-shaped kitchen that allows for greater maneuverability (given that elderly persons often cannot reach or use all of the burners) can make a great difference in the resident's life (Kopec 2006: 177)

Dementia of Alzheimer's Type

Alzheimer's, a form of cognitive decline has become an increasingly common problem amongst the population of America's elderly. To extend the time which the patient may remain with his or her family outside of nursing home care, designers can modify the environment to reduce the stressors of the illness, such as providing visual cues to prevent subjects from walking into doors or positioning the bathroom near the bedroom to reduce incontinence (Kopec 2006: 179). Remaining in a familiar place as long as possible can be highly beneficial for the patient.

Parkinson's disease

Parkinson's disease is a neurological disease caused by a deficit of dopamine that is most common in (but not exclusive to) the elderly which causes rigidity, tremors, and freezing in place. One important accommodation for sufferers is including 'grab rails' in frequent places, as the tremors typically appear when physical motion ceases and muscles are relaxed (Kopec 2006: 181).

Summary review

Changes in the physical environment can have a profound positive influence upon the ability of elderly and disabled populations to be functional. Designers must anticipate the specific needs of the populations which… [END OF PREVIEW]

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