Research Proposal: Environmental Economic Policy Proposal for New York State on Sustainable Energy

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Environmental Economic Policy Proposal

Energy Sustainability in New York State

Environmental Economic Policy Proposal for New York State on Sustainable Energy

Environmental Economic Policy Proposal for New York State on Sustainable Energy

Energy use is inevitable, for any State like New York, carrying out activities, which are industrial. To another extent, New York State also contains a proportionally high population who depend on the energy. Since stores of energy in New York State are deteriorating, it is necessary to enact a policy that can allow for sustainable energy. The policies assist in the usage and maintenance of the sustainable energy resources of the nation. This assures the coming generation of energy source, which is the main aim of sustainability. If the people of New York City can adapt a sustainability policy, there will be continued assurance of energy source in the city. Therefore, this is a proposed energy use policy that essentially aid at reducing the running out of energy at energy stores.


Sustainable energy use is the situation where the use of energy can support the presently living population, and at the same rate, it can support the coming generation. Therefore, I am proposing a policy looking forward to reduce the use of nonrenewable sources (coal and oil) of energy and increasing the use of the renewable sources (wind, sun and water). This acts as an economic environmental policy due to the nature of the policy in protecting the environment and improving the economic position of the state.

The current situation in New York entails implementation of policies that will assist in the preservation of the available energy sources. New York State has gained nearly 70000 of citizens in the last 15 months, therefore, resulting in the increase in population in the New York state (Robert 2012). This implies that more sources of energy will be essential to ensure that the future generation is capable of living a modern life. There are several sources of energy in the state both renewable and non-renewable sources such as oil, hydroelectricity plants and windmills. However, maintenance of the available resources is vital compared to restoring or searching for new sources of energy. The essence of enacting the environmental and economic policies in New York is to reduce depletion of resources. The environmental policies also protect the human race and the natural environment from harmful effects of the energy sources. However, the economical sources are to stop the misuse and overproduction of the resources, which in the real sense are in minimal qualities than the demand.

Use of renewable sources of energy

These are forms of energy, which can be used repeatedly without the depletion of stock that is, the stock replenishes faster as compared to use of non-renewable source. The non-renewable sources are difficult to be replenished hence their use will affect the sustainability of energy stores. Some of the examples of renewable energy sources are windmills, solar and water. The policy proves significant to the state because it has been associated to leading in developing the renewable sources (NYSEP 2011). Therefore, this provides a suitable condition for the implementation of the policy in the city. It is also worth noting that the renewable source is always clean as compared to the non-renewable sources; hence, they prove to be environmentally friendly (NYSEP 2009). If the congress is to pass this law, which proposes for the increased use of renewable source of energy, then they will be able to reduce impact associated with dwindling stock of energy. These of renewable source of energy will further reduce the extent of the fuel crisis because of the quick replenishing of the sources.

Objectives of the policy

To improve on the reliability of energy in the states (Cuomo & Murray 2006)

To minimize the environmental impacts related to the use of non-renewable source

To educate the public about the significance of the use of renewable source of energy

To reduce the fuel crisis that relates to volatile prices of fuel

The current situation

Most of the industries in New York State have been using coal sources as chief, sole energy producers during the production. This has led to environmental hazards such as increased emission of fumes in the atmosphere. There is increased fear of global warming because of the increased emission of the fumes. The dangerous emission also leads to the increased carbon IV oxide, which initiates the return of acidic rainfall. Economically, the increased use of the non-renewable sources of energy has led to the occurrence of the fuel crisis. This is because once there is the use of non-renewable sources of energy it is always difficult to replenish them in a timely manner. Therefore, this has led to the escalation of fuel prices in the New York State. The government has been on the verge of enacting the environmental policies to assist in the reduction of the dangerous emission of the gases on humans and the environment. In the process, of protecting the environment and the human beings, the New York power authority enacted economical policies to reduce the pollution of the environment by the industries and other machinery (NYSEP 2011).

Stakeholders in the policy

The stakeholders of this policy include all the individuals who receive impact because the dwindling energy stock. They include the government, citizens and the industries. The citizens continued use of non-renewable sources of energy has led to the non-effective sustainable energy use hence they must be involved in the implementation of this policy. Therefore, the citizens will need proper education on how they can properly use the energy to increase the sustainability of energy in the city. They should receive awareness on the significance of the use of renewable sources. The presence of the industries in the policy will also aid in bringing down the implications of emission to the environment that always causes pollution. The use of non-renewable sources of energy in the industries especially the use of coal, which has always been on the rise leads to heavy emission of fumes to the environment hence the need for the industries to adopt on the use of renewable sources of energy. The government also needs to be involved because it is necessary to enact laws that can protect the state from the continued use of the non-renewable sources of energy. The legalization of the laws preventing the use non-renewable sources of energy will help in ameliorating the utilization of inexhaustible energy sources as substitutes to the restricted use of the former (NYSEP 2009).

The conflicting views by the stakeholders

However, the stakeholders of none renewable source of energy are opposing the move. The spread of the use of non-renewable resources is mainly in the rural areas of New York. Since most people in the rural areas of the New York State have a limited access to the renewable energy, they always turn for the non-renewable sources, for instance use of wood instead of windmills. Therefore, they turn to the use of non-renewable sources of energy like wood and charcoal. Coal is the main source of energy for industries in New York State. Many industries also prefer the use of coal because of the high output of energy it associates with in the industrial processes. Therefore, they believe that the substitution of coal with the other sources of energy will lead to reduction in their output. Coal is the commonly used none renewable source of energy that is essential in cooking and used as a source of heat. In other places, wood and petroleum used for both lighting and cooking (Rajagopal & Zilberman 2008). The government has also seen that the sole use of the renewable sources of energy could be costly as compared to the non-renewable sources of energy. The stakeholders are proposing on the use of… [END OF PREVIEW]

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