Environmental and Organizational Pressures Sample Research Paper

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These core concepts are often prerequisites of innovation. Finally my strategy would increase the ability of people to think creatively and use that creativity to produce innovation in their area of responsibility.

Strategy to help reduce bureaucracy

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I would first want to identify the type of authority model within the organization. Charismatic authority, traditional authority and rational-legal authority are three types of authority that can arise in a bureaucracy. Charismatic authority is marked by leadership given to an individual due to his exceptional qualities. Traditional authority comes from factors like birth, custom or precedent. Rational-legal authority is acquired from rules and procedures, such as an individual's authority derived from his official job function. This is authority is what is occurring in many of the military organizations mentioned thought-out this document. The ability to reduce bureaucratic control will depend, in part, on the type of authority models used within the military organization. After that, I would want to modify bureaucratic structures through projects. Here, I would have the organization develop and lend resources to temporary project units to achieve specific objectives. Projects allow organizations to perform special tasks or solve specific problems under a project manager through ad hoc groups comprising select personnel with specialized knowledge and experience. Project structures can generally cut through bureaucratic systems better than functional departments within an organization (Kalinda, 2001). This would ultimately reduce the extensive layering and inefficient fighting that characterize bureaucracy. Finally, I would eliminate some excessive bureaucracy by reducing the hierarchy of the organizational structure. An organization with a number of layers between top management and front-line employees can slow communications and the flow of information. The flat organization structure is less encumbered by authority, with fewer managers required to review work.


Research Paper on Environmental and Organizational Pressures Sample Assignment

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