Environmental and Organizational Environmental Pressure Term Paper

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It is one of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies with health care sales of more than $21.4 billion and leading positions in sales of gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, respiratory, oncology and neuroscience products. Besides the pressures to maintain this large and profitable profile, my personal finances are also involved in the application of these different pressures. A constant discussion about my own personal well being and finance permeates every professional behavior I indulge and admittedly dictates my future as well. Finances are very important from both the environmental and organizational standpoint.

Personal Perspective

For me, my life is personal and I don't give into pressures easily. This is common throughout the workplace as Angell (1999) agreed. She wrote ." Environmental management typically has not held priority-status within corporate-level strategy. As a result, the field of operations management has traditionally treated environmental issues primarily as a series of decision constraints." To me organizational management does not have a personal impact yet impacts the organization as a whole. This approach of removing oneself from the bigger picture is necessary for me to do, otherwise, I lose a sense of personal importance and dignity. I cannot picture myself as a cog of a giant wheel, even though others may routinely do such a thing.

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Term Paper on Environmental and Organizational Environmental Pressure Assignment

Organizations need to always be reacting and staying in a state of flux. The economic and industrial landscapes change at such a rapid pace, that expecting change is a good strategy. Remaining attached to outdated policies and practices puts the organization at risk to lose competitive advantage that was earned through successful implementation of change. A line of research, rooted in institutional sociology, proposes that firms respond to institutional pressures. The institutional sociology framework emphasizes the importance of regulatory, normative and cognitive factors that affect firms' decisions to adopt a specific organization practice, above and beyond the technical efficiency of the practice. Institutional theory places particular emphasis on legitimating processes and the tendency for institutionalized organizational structures and procedures to be taken for granted, regardless of their efficiency implications.

Strategies for Change

There is great risk for not welcoming organizational change and strategies need to be built around this inescapable fact of business and economics. Donovan (2013) remarked how organizational pressures are sometime too great. He offered rules to help develop a smart strategy that can help alleviate these problems. He suggested that "do not delegate large-scale organizational change to middle management; actively solicit feedback from employees before change occurs; do not let organizational culture dictate the intensity and breadth of change; and clearly communicate the change strategy and the reason behind the change." Any of these guidelines will be helpful in reducing environmental pressures or organizational pressures that have begun to affect the system in a negative and harmful way.


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